Is Lucy Hale's Short Bob Real? It Suits Her Well — PHOTO

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once a normally long-haired girl goes short, it's hard to stop going even shorter. The usually long-locked Kendall Jenner turned her lob into a bob, losing several inches of length. Her sister Kylie has been bobbed, although that appears to be the work of wigs. Lucy Hale keeps cutting her hair and while the Pretty Little Liars star has been rocking a gloriously messy, shoulder-skimming bob for more than a minute, she has gone and chopped off even more length.

Late last year, Hale dyed her long bob solid black. But the other day, Hale posted an Instagram photo of her dark brown locks fashioned into a face-framing, chin-length bob. It totally suits her, but is Lucy Hale's new bob real?

From the visual evidence I've seen — two photos, including another with her coif slicked back off her face in a wet-look style— Hale's bob does indeed look legit. It's a bouncy and fun cut that is more versatile than you'd think. Hale's roughed up texture in the photo in which she debuted the shorter 'do added volume and sexiness. But this style can also be worn stick straight, center-parted, deep side-parted, and more.

OK, so who is ready to gawk over L. Hale's latest length-shedding look? Have at it.

The glasses are a lovely touch. But a legit, short, and blunt bob is one of Hale's best coifs to date.

For comparison purposes, this is Hale a few days prior, with noticeably longer length.

This is back when Hale rocked super dark locks and the color added some sexy contrast to her pale skin.

The actor's new bob is her shortest look to date and it's a mix of cute and sexy. Will Hale go even shorter and rock a micro bob, perhaps with bangs? She has demonstrated a fearlessness when it comes to chopping her follicles and going shorter, so anything is possible.

Images: Lucy Hale/Instagram (3)