Is Selena Gomez Going On Tour In 2017? Fans Have Missed Seeing Her Live

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After dropping her brand new single, "It Ain't Me," in conjunction with DJ Kygo on Feb. 16, it's evident that an album is certainly in the near future. But, does this also mean that Selena Gomez will tour in 2017? Although Gomez's last solo tour was, unfortunately, cut short due to the singer's bout with anxiety and exhaustion last summer, it's my guess that the singer will indeed hit the road following the release of her upcoming album.

After her three month hiatus this past summer, all signs point to Gomez being back to business as usual. She's recently reemerged with new music and a highly publicized new love interest, aka "Starboy" singer, The Weeknd.

Selenators can expect a lot from the former Disney Channel actor this year, since it appears that she's been wearing many hats since her highly anticipated return to the limelight. In addition to being tied down in the studio recording hits for her upcoming album, Gomez also recently revealed to fans that she's been serving as the executive producer for a soon-to-be released series on Netflix entitled, 13 Reasons Why, via social media posts from her personal Instagram account.

And, with the huge success of last year's Revival Tour, I highly doubt that she will pass up this latest opportunity to delight her amazingly loyal fan base.

I can almost bet that Gomez would love to redeem herself to all of the adoring Selenators who might have missed out on seeing the pop star during her last go 'round, after she was forced to cancel several tour dates in light of her illness. Although there's no concrete evidence to suggest that the singer scheduling a tour for 2017, you can be sure that she's got big plans for this year, and I'm sure she won't disappoint. After all, she never does.