Sorry, You Won't See Serena Williams At The 2017 ESPYs

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's not often the biggest names in sports get together for a legendary night like the 25th ESPY Awards, so when they do, you want to know who's on the guest list. Tennis star Serena Williams, for example, is up for two awards: Best Female Tennis player, expectedly, and the coveted Best Female Athlete. But is Serena Williams actually at the ESPYs, or will she be celebrating from afar?

Unfortunately, Williams wasn't at the event, as her rep confirmed to Bustle that she wouldn't be present. But hey, she's earned a night off: She's well into her first pregnancy, and you can't really blame her for not wanting to parade around in heels for the night when she's busy, you know, growing human life. She certainly could — this is the woman who won the Australian Open while pregnant, after all — but some time outside of the spotlight is much deserved.

Plus, Williams already has just shy of a dozen ESPYs to her name, so while it's still surely an honor, it's familiar territory for her. Hopefully, she's rooting for her fellow athletes while cuddled up at home with some popcorn and her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Both the audience and fans will miss her, but it's an understandable absence.

Besides, by this point, Williams doesn't need any excuses.