Is The Kylie Smile Lip Kit Sold Out? The Pink Charity Shade Made Its Return

Have you "Smiled?" As in have you gotten your hands on a Kylie Cosmetics Smile Lip Kit? The makeup mogul brought back her pale pink charity matte Lip Kit, 100 percent of the net proceeds of which are donated to Smile Train, an org that helps children suffering from cleft palettes. Smile debuted in October and promptly sold out, as Lip Kits do. Jenner brought the shade back on Jan. 5 and it's a beautiful thing. Not just because of the shade itself but because users can passively do good and contribute to a great cause. Is the Smile Lip Kit sold out already?

You'll need to hurry, because the Smile Lip Kit is (surprisingly) still available via the Kylie Cosmetics site as of press time. But it won't last. There are limited quantities of this shade, per the brand's Instagram post when Smile went back on sale. That means you shouldn't wait if you've been desiring this soft, sweet shade that is being used to make a difference.

Smile isn't limited edition, although details concerning its status were a bit fuzzy when the shade launched. That said, we're not sure if, when, or how soon it will restock upon selling out. So don't wait.

Observe the pastel pink shade.

Smile is brighter than Jenner's other pink Lip Kits, like Koko K.

This caption accompanied the photo posted above. It states that there is a limited supply of Smiles.

IMO, Smile is the most delicate Lip Kit hue. It's just... sweet, like cotton candy.

Smile serves a wonderful purpose, which should up its covetability.

Need a Smile swatch to help you make a decision about purchasing this Lip Kit? OK, great, here it is!

Your pout will be pretty in pink and the funds you used to purchase this Lip Kit will be used to help someone else. That, my fellow makeupistas, is a beautiful thing.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (2)