'Bachelor' Fans Are Comparing This 'LTYH' Contestant To Jessica From 'Love Is Blind'

Bachelor Listen To Your Heart Julia

Despite having a lovely date with Sheridan, Julia from Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart is pulling a Jessica from Love is Blind by pining after what she can't have. Much like Love is Blind's hopelessly romantic Mark, Sheridan has been all in with Julia from the beginning. But she can't seem to shake her feelings for another man: Brandon.

And, just like Jessica was, Julia is in denial about those feelings. Jessica was clearly hung up on Barnett throughout Love is Blind, even when they had both *technically* moved on. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case with Julia as well — so much so that she confronted Brandon's love interest, Savannah, about her problems with their relationship, all while insisting she had zero feelings for him. And expectedly, Bachelor Nation isn't buying it.

Julia insisted that Savannah and Brandon's PDA went "zero to 100" really quick, which came off as disingenuous to her. "You and Brandon have been all over each other," Julia said. "It hasn't sat well well with me." Aka, she's jealous, and Savannah could tell. "Why is my relationship affecting you so much?" she asked. Julia responded, "It just doesn't feel genuine," but it's actually her feelings for Sheridan that are raising questions among viewers.

Jessica's meddling in Barnett and Amber's relationship didn't end well for her: she left left Love is Blind still single. If Julia doesn't start putting her focus into Sheridan, she could end up in the same boat.