Yup, JT Just Photobombed Emma Stone At The Oscars

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Even though he's performing during the actual ceremony, Justin Timberlake is already putting on a show before the Academy Awards even officially start. Showing off his goofy side, Timberlake photobombed Emma Stone on the Oscars red carpet, and the clip may become your new go-to reaction GIF. (Sorry, Chrissy Teigen!) In the middle of her interview, JT unexpectedly popped up behind Stone with a gigantic grin and then disappeared into the background.

As for why it's such a perfect GIF, it could totally apply to various unexpected life scenarios. For the sake of analogy, he's like a surprise quiz as soon as you walk into class. Or even like your period popping up at the worst possible moment. Another fitting situation for that JT photobomb? He could be all of the thoughts that pop up in your brain, just as you're trying to fall asleep. (Ugh, those are the worst.) Basically, I foresee plenty of uses for this GIF.

If you missed the moment, feel free to rewatch the GIF below as many times as your heart desires. I personally cannot stop replaying it, and imagining all the ways it will pop up on the internet in the future.

It's also worth noting that Stone wasn't the only one who fell victim to the JT photobomb streak of 2017. Even his own wife, Jessica Biel, got her red carpet moments interrupted by Timberlake's face.

He also tried this elaborate pose:

I guess it's Timberlake go-to shtick on this year's carpet, huh? At least he's trying to keep the mood light and have some fun. Can't blame him for trying. And, honestly, Stone and Biel are such fierce ladies on their own — there's no way JT could actually steal their thunder.