Kelly Ripa Gives ‘Bachelor’ Star Vanessa Grimaldi Cheesy Advice For Her Life With Nick — VIDEO

Terhi Tuovinen/ABC

Hayley Vaughan has some cheesy words of wisdom for the lovebirds of The Bachelor Season 21, and I curd not be more on board. On Tuesday’s episode of LIVE with Kelly, Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Josh Gad chatted with Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi over satellite (shoutout to the snowstorm over on the East Coast) about The Bachelor finale, the After the Final Rose special, and, of course, The Big Move. As the newly affianced couple revealed on Monday’s episode of After the Final Rose, Grimaldi will probably relocate to Los Angeles from Montreal for Viall. Her life is in Montreal, but hurdles, compromises, sugarcoating, relationship stuff, etc.

However, Ripa was not ready to let Grimaldi give in that easily. So, Ripa offered up a piece of foolproof advice: Grimaldi should introduce her fiancé to one of Québec’s finest contributions to the culinary world.

“Vanessa, have you given Nick poutine yet?” Ripa asked. “Because I think that if you feed him poutine, then he will never leave Montreal.”

Now that is a terrific question. So, has the four-time Bachelor contestant tried poutine? No. No, he has not. Viall confirmed that he has not experienced the magic that happens when French fries, gravy, and curds throw a party in the same dish.

I second Ripa's suggestion. The moment Viall sinks his teeth into a forkful of salty fries slathered with gravy and fresh cheese curds, he will most certainly want to stay in Montreal forever. Few dishes are as powerful as a serving of poutine.

Sure, you can get poutine in Los Angeles. And yes, Los Angeles poutine is good. Really, really good. But it is not Montreal poutine.

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(I’ve never actually had Montreal poutine, but I can only assume tucking into a plate of it is a life-changing adventure.)