Kenny P's Blind Audition On 'The Voice' Proved He Could Go All The Way To The Finals

Tyler Golden/NBC

Not only did Team Gwen land an amazing talent, she also landed herself with one of the greatest mustachioed gents to ever grace The Voice stage with his presence. That singer is Kenny P., whose blind Voice audition was so full of emotion and gumption it wasn't difficult to see why he got through to the next round. The singer, who traveled all the way from Nashville (a location seemingly growing Voice contestants on trees within its city limits this year) to be able to audition, made the best impression of the night with the four very discerning judges.

It wasn't easy to get a seat at the Voice table this late in the blind auditions but somehow, some way, Kenny P. did it. By golly, he did it. Although, it's not much of a surprise is it? With a certain country twang in his tenor, Kenny P. chose to wow the judges with Todd Rundgren's "Hello, It's Me," the perfect introduction song, if I do say so myself.

Kenny P. managed to steal the hearts of judges Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. This, to those viewers who know, spelled trouble. Well, lighthearted trouble, since the real-life couple was probably just going to lightly make fun of one another as they jockeyed for Kenny P. to join their team.

Luckily, the ribbing between Shelton and Stefani wasn't too saccharine for TV. While each pled their case with Kenny P., about mid-way through the conversations it became apparent that he had not traveled all the way from his tiny house (it's under 300 square feet, people!) in Nashville to the big leagues to play it safe. Shelton would have been the safe choice; Stefani was the wild card.

So, it looks like Team Stefani got itself yet another strong singer with Kenny P. The only question left to ask is: can he go all the way?