‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Launches A Fabulous Furniture Line

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Batten down the hatches on your purse strings and gird the loins on your wallets, because Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury has a furniture line. And uh, if you appreciate Stanbury’s glam, you will probably want to buy all of her wares. (And if you do not appreciate Stanbury’s glam, uh... *blinks.* That's quite the take, pal.) The website for ECmyLife's collaboration with Stanbury is still in the "coming soon" phase, but lucky for us, there are a few sneak peeks to pore over. As Bravo's The Daily Dish pointed out, Stanbury tweeted and Instagrammed a few snapshots of the collection, and — say it with me now — they do not. Dis. Ap. Point.

Let me cut right to the chase: Stanbury's furniture line includes a coral credenza that is no joke the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. Like, I am absolutely obsessed with it. I do not know how much that work of art costs, but I hope it fits in with my budget because I really want it. And no, I am not just saying this because I idolize Stanbury. Sure, she is one of my idols, and sure, I would probably be a big fan of any piece of furniture stamped with the Stanbury seal of approval. But that credenza is so stunning.

I bet that credenza could hold so many Blu-rays. And books. And board games. And takeout menus. And broken remote controls. And old issues of People. I'm sure that's exactly what Stanbury had in mind for that cabinet.