Lauren Graham Will Voice A Vampire That Has Something Cute In Common With Lorelai Gilmore

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In a surprising turn of events, Lorelai Gilmore and Dawson Leery are now an animated vampire couple. Er, the actors who played those beloved characters will play an animated vampire couple. Whatever, it's close enough. As The Hollywood Reporter reported on Tuesday, James Van Der Beek and Lauren Graham will lend their voices to Vampirina, an upcoming Disney Junior animated series based on Disney Publishing's Vampirina Ballerina. The two TV icons will play Boris and Oxana Hauntley, a pair of vampires who relocate to Pennsylvania from Transylvania with their daughter Vampirina (Isabella Crovetti). As Vampirina gets used to life at her new school, her parents run a bed and breakfast for supernatural beings. And the establishment is called — hold onto your Lorelai Gilmore-approved knit cap — a Scare B&B.

That pun is bone-chillingly good, but let us not lose focus: Oxana Hauntley has a B&B. Lorelai Gilmore has an inn. And Graham plays both Oxana and Lorelai. It is so perfect, a Dawson Leery ugly-cry seems like the only reasonable reaction. Well, a happy ugly-cry. This is definitely not a “Dawson loves Joey, but Joey loves Pacey” situation. This is a “Lorelai and Oxana both run charming hotels and they have the same voice and isn’t all of this just delightful” situation. Anyway, take it away, Mr. Leery.


A few legitimately important questions: What's Boris Hauntley’s cry-face all about? Is it anything like Dawson's? Do vampires in the Vampirina universe even have cry-faces? I suppose we'll have to tune in later on this year to find out: Vampirina is set to premiere this fall on the Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and the Disney Now app.

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Well, if they just aren't the cutest vampire family you ever did see.