Lin-Manuel Is Loving Seth Rogen's 'Hamilton' Song

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I had a feeling that the 2017 Oscars would be a big night for Lin-Manuel Miranda, and I am so happy to find out that I was right — and his nominations are just the icing on the cake. References to Hamilton were all over the place during the show, and there was one in particular that he really seemed to love. On Sunday night, Miranda had the best reaction to Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox singing Hamilton, and it was way too adorable for words. But then again, doesn't that apply to just about everything that Miranda does?

I knew this night was heading somewhere good when Rogen and Fox came out with a DeLorean, but then, it only got better. They started singing "The Schuyler Sisters" from Hamilton, and although this was obviously a moment that made basically everyone fangirl, no one fangirled harder than Miranda himself. The camera panned to him absolutely freaking out in the audience, and I don't know if he has ever looked or been this happy ever.

It's official: Miranda is having the best night ever. Need proof? Just watch this moment for yourself. And if you watched the Oscars live and already saw it, watch it again. It's that cute.

Whenever I have a bad day in the future, I'm going to watch this video and know that there is good in this world. That face, though!