The 'Once Upon A Time' Songs Are Already Available

Jack Rowand/ABC

Finally, the Once Upon A Time musical episode is upon us. Be honest, you've been wishing that Storybrooke would break out a song and dance routine for years, right? It's happening now, and this won't be Disney karaoke, either. The tunes are all new. Hopefully we'll be able to listen to the Once Upon A Time songs over and over after Sunday.

According to the official ABC press release, “In flashback, Snow and Charming make a special wish that Emma will be protected. The result of their wish has the whole kingdom bursting into song which infuriates the Evil Queen." This comes as no surprise to me. Of course there's a singing spell. The songs are already available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on Spotify ahead of the episode, so fans can get to memorizing the lyrics ahead of time.

You can also already also watch to this sneak peak, which appears to be a full musical number. I actually like it a lot — the way Regina is able to catch glimpses of other songs by going from mirror to mirror reminds me of a big Act One closing number on Broadway, when all the major themes come back into play.

You can also catch a glimpse of Hook's pirate ditty and see a behind the scenes promo below while you wait.

The track list, according to Entertainment Weekly, includes songs for everyone. Even Henry is joining the chorus. Snow and Charming sing "Powerful Magic," the Evil Queen sings "Love Doesn't Stand A Chance" (above), Zelena has "Wicked Always Wins," and that's just a tiny taste. And, the good news is you can already add those tracks and more to your favorite playlists before Sunday's episode airs.