Lizzo Just Crossed A Major Moment Off Her Bucket List (Hint: It Involves A Strip Club)

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This singer's year is going "good as hell." In case you somehow missed it, Lizzo is at a peak moment in her career right now — Hustlers, in which she stars as Liz, opened strong to $33.2 million at the U.S. box office this weekend, per The Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, Lizzo's single "Truth Hurts" is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her first chart-topping song, according to CNN. On Sunday, Sept. 15, Lizzo celebrated all this recent success by fulfilling a longtime dream: making it rain at a strip club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Commemorating the dual-success in style, Lizzo posted a video tossing dollars in the air while "Truth Hurts" plays in the background. In the caption, she explained how the night was a full-circle moment, while also showing support for the performers:

"I COULD CRY DONT LAUGH YALL!!! This is my literal DREAM!! I always wanted to go to the strip club and have my song play while I was throwing STACKS at these beautiful performers and baddies... like ask ANYONE on my team... I always thought I wasn’t cool enough but B*TCH Atlanta and the beautiful women at Allure made my dream come TRUUUUUUU. bless you! Stream TRUTH HURTS and watch HUSTLERS @hustlers movie."

The singer's night at the club wasn't her only way of celebrating. Also on Sunday, Lizzo posted headlines about Hustlers and "Truth Hurts" on Instagram, writing, "#1 SONG AND MOVIE IN THE C*NTRY @hustlersmovie," along with prayer hands, sparkles, and heart emojis.

Friends and fans offered congratulatory messages in the comments. Singer Lauren Jauregui wrote, "YES QUEEN", and comedian Eric Andre also chimed in, writing, "WHAAAAATTT! TAKE ME ON THAT PRIVATE JET BABY! Congrats!"

It's certainly been a momentous year for Lizzo, but she's made sure to be transparent with fans about how her rise is the result of years of hard work, resilience, and self-love. In July, Lizzo revealed she almost quit music after releasing "Truth Hurts" in an interview with People.

"The day I released ‘Truth Hurts’ was probably one of the darkest days I’ve had ever in my career. I remember thinking, 'If I quit music now, nobody would notice. This is my best song ever, and nobody cares,'" Lizzo said. "'I was like, 'F*ck it, I’m done.' And a lot of people rallied; my producer, my publicist and my family, they were like, 'Just keep going because this is the darkest before the dawn.'" Two years later after its release, "Truth Hurts" became her first No. 1 hit.

In the very early hours of Monday, Sept. 16, a fan tweeted at Lizzo about self-love, expressing how hard it is to follow the singer's example. They wrote, "how is it possible that i listened to the great @lizzo tell me how important self love is and i still somehow hate myself like that’s just not right." The Hustlers star responded by making a point that confidence is a journey:

"It’s because loving yourself don’t happen overnight.. self-hate is years of internalized programming from external influences... sometimes self-hate is chemical & effects ya mentally/emotionally.. give your growth time— it took me 10 years and I’m still not 100% there."

Even though Lizzo's wisdom about self-love is always timely, her words are particularly on point this week, given that the star is succeeding in multiple industries and living out her biggest dreams.