Maisie Williams Launched A Brand-New App That’ll Help You Embrace Your Creative Side

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maisie Williams is the latest celebrity to launch an app, but it's probably not what you're thinking. The app isn't a behind-the-scenes look at Williams' life, or an emoji sticker pack to add to your iMessages. In fact, it's not really about the Game of Thrones actor at all — and that's the point. Maisie Williams' new app Daisie is aimed at helping people in creative fields grow their networks, according to Mashable. The app, which was co-founded by film producer Dom Santry, launched on Wednesday, Aug. 1.

Getting started in a creative industry — like music, film, arts, or photography — can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know anyone who already works in your desired field. But Daisie could help people new to their prospective industries meet people who have been in their shoes, which would be invaluable.

In a statement provided to NME, Williams said that she hopes the app will offer "a new way into the creative world." She said in the statement,

"Success in the creative industries [has been] wholly dependent on luck and 'ins.' This is set to change by introducing a new way into the creative world through connections made organically."

Williams also explained that she hopes Daisie will create a connection between those who have been in creative fields for longer amounts of time and those who are still trying to break into the industries, adding,

"Our main focus is on community and closing the gap between experienced creators and people just starting out. We want learning to be as easy as communicating and we're enabling creative collaboration all in one place, under one roof."

Williams' app sounds like it will be a welcome change for people working in non-traditional industries. Plenty of deserving people don't always get fair shots in creative fields if they don't have the right connections, and Daisie could change that.

For Williams, Game of Thrones was her big break. There aren't any projects listed on her IMDb page before the show started in 2011. And in a tweet about the app, Williams wrote that her "arrival into the industry was such a serendipitous stroke of luck." It sounds like she wants to use the app to pay it forward and help other people get their own big breaks, too.

The new app isn't Williams' first attempt to help others, either. She's passionate about helping dolphins, and she's visited Japan twice to raise awareness about a dolphin hunt. The annual, months-long Taiji dolphin hunt involves fishermen gathering dolphins to be sold to aquariums and even as meat, as non-profit organization The Dolphin Project explains on their website. As an ambassador for The Dolphin Project, Williams has worked to stop the practice.

When Williams isn't in front of the camera, she's using her platform for good. Whether that means helping animals who can't speak for themselves or helping people start out in their dream careers, Williams is paying it forward. Based on fans' tweets, it looks like the new app is already in high demand too, with a digital waitlist that's grown to tens of thousands of users. Williams saw an underserved market and the need for a new social app, and she made it happen — clearly, she's just as awesome in real life as she is on-screen.