This Update About Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Suggests The Couple Is In Such A Good Place

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Despite what some negative rumors might allege, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in amazingly good spirits. In fact, according to Marie Claire, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are so happy, thanks to a couple of pretty major life updates.

Katie Nicholl, a royal insider, revealed the nice update about the royal couple to Entertainment Tonight. "Behind the scenes, she and Harry are really happy at the moment," Nicholl told the publication, in a report published on Jan. 16, "They are super excited about the spring birth of their baby. They are very much looking forward to moving into their new home in Frogmore Cottage."

The insider went on to say that Markle "has told friends that this is the most exciting [time], the happiest period in her life." Naturally, the Duchess of Sussex has a ton of exciting things on her plate to keep her busy at the moment. As every royal watcher is well aware, the newlywed is set to welcome her first child with Harry sometime in the spring. According to royal reporters, as noted by Cosmopolitan, Markle reportedly told the crowd in Birkenhead, during an official engagement on Jan. 14, that she is six months pregnant and is due in late April/early May.

Additionally, as Nicholl noted to ET, the royal couple is also prepping for a move into Frogmore Cottage. Kensington Palace confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will move into their new abode sometime in early 2019 as they prepare to welcome their first child. So, with all of these upcoming, major changes, it's clear to see that Markle and Harry are in for a busy, and incredibly happy, period in their lives.

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Now, what makes Nicholl's recent update about the couple's high spirits all the more interesting is that it comes shortly after it was rumored that Markle wasn't happy in her new royal role. According to Us Weekly, which published an article about the two on Jan. 10, Harry allegedly blamed himself for his wife being "miserable." An insider claimed, "Marrying into the royal family isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as it seems, so in a lot of ways Harry feels responsible for Meghan being so miserable.” But, apparently, that rumor is far from the truth.

If ET's recent report wasn't enough to convince you that those unfortunate rumors are far from reality, Markle and Harry's recent engagements should help, as they've been all smiles during their recent outing. During their visit to Birkenhead on Jan. 14, which marked the couple's first official engagement together in 2019, they even revealed a new detail about their child. Kitty Dudley, a 9-year-old student, told People that she asked Markle about her baby. She told the publication:

"I could see her bump and I asked if she was having a boy or a girl and she said, ‘We don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl, we are keeping it as a surprise.'"
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Despite any reports to the contrary, Markle and Harry are reportedly overjoyed at the moment as they prepare for this exciting new chapter in their lives, which includes their major move and, more importantly, their little bundle of joy.