Melania Trump's Instagram Presence Is Kind Of All Over The Place

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Given that she's the first lady of the United States and has over 2 million followers, Melania Trump's Instagram profile gets quite a bit of attention. Most of her photos tend to be a combination of selfies, staged photos with the wives of foreign leaders, and pictures with her husband, President Donald Trump. However, her posts don't necessarily adhere to any particular style, which might leave you asking a few questions.

Melania's Instagram profile, which is "run by the Office of First Lady Melania Trump," is certainly unique. For example, a large portion of her Instagram presence is made up of text-based posts with a colored backdrop and font that looks more often than not like Comic Sans. And for those who are trying to figure out who Melania really is or what she thinks of her husband's initiatives, it'll be hard to find any answers via her social media presence. Unlike her husband's oldest son, Don Jr., Melania tends not to make any overt political statements via her feed, beyond broadcasting the duties of her life as first lady.

No matter what you think of her husband's policies or her own "Be Best" initiative, it's likely that you'll have a strong opinion about Melania's Instagram, one way or another. As you can see below, the stylistic connection between these posts might leave you scratching your head.

Advertising The White House Movie Theater

In this Instagram post, Melania almost seems to be advertising the White House movie theater like it's a product to sell. She writes, "Self-guided tours in the East Wing now include the @WhiteHouse movie theater! This house belongs to the people & everyone deserves to enjoy its history!"

Her White House Portrait

Melania posted this photo right before she launched her "Be Best" initiative. She wrote, "Tomorrow is the day! Very excited to announce my initiatives. Tune in live at the @WhiteHouse at 3 PM!"

Stylistically, this photo, which almost looks blurred, is much different from traditional White House portraits. As for the inspiration behind it, people had lots of ideas.

Looking Up Into An Eclipse

Here's a photo of the first couple watching a solar eclipse. Melania wrote, "Exciting to watch the total eclipse with @potus today! #Eclipse2017"

In general, this is just a funny picture, and potentially one of the more fun couples photos that Trump and Melania have together.

This Faux-Wooden Background

Melania has been criticized before for her use of messages delivered in random font with equally random backgrounds. Take this message, for example, in which she thanks the Red Cross in a quote from herself with a faux-wooden background setting the scene.

Recognizing National Prescription Take Back Day

Another interesting Instagram post, with an equally blunt caption to match it: "Today is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Visit to find nearby locations to safely turn in expired, unused, or unwanted prescriptions."

This #SOTU Post

This post seems a little bit redundant to make it to Instagram, since it's essentially just a caption. It's even more puzzling that Melania would choose this as her post for the State of the Union when you take into consideration how many pictures she must have with her husband.

Calling Out Drug Addiction

This is perhaps the most unexpected post on Melania's Instagram. It's a little bit blurry, the font almost blends in with the background, and it almost seems more like a screenshot than an actual Instagram post. In the caption, Melania wrote, "Opioids are destroying our youth/people. Mtg w @Potus & @SecPriceMD today to give my support to #STOPDRUGADDICTION"

This High-Def Video

In this video, Melania talks about the history of the White House, and the role of the White House Historical Association. Given how much effort clearly went into creating the video, though, it doesn't show up on any other social media platform. The literal image quality of Melania's posts truly ranges from the bottom (with grainy, pixelated images) to the top (with high definition videos.)

Celebrating International Women's Day

In this photo (which seems to have a sepia tint around the corners), Melania celebrates International Women's Day. Besides the fact that it's just some text, the post isn't consistent with her actions. Melania has been frequently called out for her complete and utter silence regarding her husband's misogynistic comments.

Recognizing The Medal Of Honor

Melania posted on Instagram, "Thank you Master Chief Slabinski for your heroic actions. @POTUS & I are proud to have you @WhiteHouse today to award the #MedalOfHonor. Thank you & thank you to all our military who risk & sacrifice your lives for our freedom."

Promoting Her Initiative

This photo has been posted to Melania's Instagram account at least five times. Though the caption changes, the imagery stays the same. In one of these posts from Aug. 2, Melania wrote, "Though I was not able to attend in person, it was a privilege to speak to the youth campers at Camp Unite. Thank you Camp Unite - your mission of promoting education & providing leadership to our children is so important!"

Melania's role in the White House has been defined by her "Be Best" initiative, which focuses on wellness across three pillars. Though her initiative was stalled at the onset, it's possible that users will start to see more Instagram posts reflecting the initiative once it gains momentum. For now, it seems like her personal brand, at least on Instagram, is noticeably inconsistent.