Memes & Tweets About Corinne From 'The Bachelor' Show That Fans Already Think She's A "Villain"

As the saying goes these days: If you didn't meme it, did it really happen? One event that's particularly susceptible to good-hearted Internet jokes is The Bachelor, especially during the premiere since that's when all the craziest stunts are pulled. And, while there were plenty of memes about Alexis, the dolphin-shark, on night one, another contestant stole even more of the spotlight on the show and online. Memes and tweets about Corinne from The Bachelor flew fast as viewers watched the two-hour premiere. And, sadly, most of the so-called "jokes" were pretty mean.

See, Corinne has established herself as the season's "villain" of sorts, aka the person who will stop at nothing to get to know Nick, even if it upsets the other women along the way. She already nabbed the first kiss of the season, and she seems out for more. But, as I've always said, the show is literally not about making friends, so who cares? But, the people of the Internet cared, and they cared a lot. Here's just a sampling of the online attention Corinne caught on night one. If this is how talked-about she already is, I can only imagine how the season will shape up.

Some Called Her The New Chad

I think calling any woman crazy is uncalled for, but Twitter was quick to compare Corinne to another takes-what-he-wants guy: Chad, the villain from JoJo's Bachelorette season.

Some Compared Her To Olivia

She was the "villain" during Ben's season. I'm sensing a pattern.

Yet Another Villain Comparison

I think it's official that Twitter has cast her in that role.

A New Movie Comparison

There's no denying her intro package — complete with a pool floatie — was entertaining. Hey, if it worked for Elle...

Some Were Disappointed That Corinne Got A Rose

I mean, the dolphin-shark also got a rose, so...

Still, Some Supported Her

And, at the end of the day, Nick seems into her — so who cares?