Mermaid Scale Highlighters Are Happening Because This Trend Is For Real

Unicorns, scoot over. But don't gallop off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again! Just make a little room for another mythical and majestic creature! Mermaid makeup is a resurgent trend, thanks to amazing mermaid tail makeup brushes. There's also the chubby mermaid tail face brushes that the Internet has fallen madly in love with. But it's not just about mermaid tools and accessories. Mermaid products are also a part of this trend... because you need product with which to utilize the brushes.

Touch of Glam Beauty, which also makes pizza-shaped (!!!) highlighters, rocks mermaid scale highlighters. The highlighter shades are pretty and will impart an ethereal glow. But the product itself has mermaid scales etched into it!

Wee! It's so, so pretty. So much so that you might not even want to sweep a fluffy brush over it, thereby causing the scales to be worn down and eventually swept away.

Siren's Call is the brand's mermaid scale highlighter. Touch of Glam is a one-woman show and the products are vegan, talc-free, and made from scratch in the U.S. Touch of Glam sells its wares on Etsy.

Have a look at the Siren Call highlighter below. Check out that detail.

OMG, isn't it amazing! It certainly hits on two trends at once — holographic and mermaid. Also, another fun fact. All Touch of Glam products are handmade so no two pans are exactly alike. Each highlighter and scale set is truly one of a kind.

So, yeah, mermaid makeup is still totally a beauty trend in 2017.