#MerylSaysHi Is One Of The Best Oscars Hashtags

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During the 2017 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel took some time to tweet at the president to alert him that "Meryl Says Hi". That phrase took off, and #MerylSaysHi became one of the 2017 Oscars' biggest hashtags. Streep and Donald Trump have had a contentious relationship after Strepp masterfully called him out called out the president at the Golden Globes. Kimmel's bit called back to the negative relationship between the two, and how the President of the United States seems to be incredibly invested in the opinion of an actress that he (wrongly) believes is overrated.

Kimmel's #MerylSaysHi comment started as a throwaway joke, but soon became a rallying cry for people showing their support for their beloved actor and their disappointment in the political establishment. The tweets are essentially just another reason to celebrate the greatness of Meryl Streep, but any excuse to do such a thing is a good one. As long as Donald Trump still finds time to be angered by the words of Streep, others should celebrate to life and voice of a magnificent woman in the face of an opposition that sees fit to suppress those that the Oscars strive to celebrate. Here are just a few of the best #MerylSaysHi tweets from Oscars night.

Meryl says hi, indeed.