Check Out Michael Moore's "Resistance Calendar"

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Have you been finding yourself in a continuous rage, wishing you could pass the next four years in a continual Women's March, surrounded by like-minded Americans who are committed to resisting the Trump agenda? Well, you may be in luck. There is now an easy way to find protests, post card-writing parties, and more events with the purpose to counter President Donald Trump and the moves his administration takes — and you have Michael Moore to thank for it. Moore created a one-stop Resistance Calendar that has every upcoming action listed together in an easy-to-use portal.

Your next anti-Trump action can be today, tomorrow, or any day this month thanks to the upcoming actions being organized in Moore's Resistance Calendar. The idea is to connect you and your activism to protests and other events in an efficient, tech-friendly way. Moore announced the tool on Facebook, saying:

GOOD NEWS FRIENDS! I've promised you a one-stop site, a clearinghouse of all actions — a RESISTANCE CALENDAR — where you can find EVERY upcoming action, protest, march, sit-in, town hall, anti-Trump, pro-democracy event in all 50 states! A site where YOU can post your own action so all can see it. A place where you can quickly go and check it daily, ensuring that you don't miss any event in your area to stop the Trump madness.

And that's exactly what it is. A democratic technological tool that lets you find and post events. Find it at There, you can either search or add an event to the calendar. Some of the events include constituent town halls, like Marco Rubio's on Tuesday in Tampa. "Albuquerque on ICE" will take place in New Mexico's largest city to counter the immigration raids and Trump's deportation policy.

Right now you have a few options to view everything either as a list, a pin board, or with the monthly calendar laid out in front of you. Every day in February and the first half of March have at least one event per day. Moore said that in the future it would be possible to see the events on a map, too, as they take place across the whole country.

The events will not only target Republicans but "many of the spineless Democratic politicians out there" too, Moore said in his Facebook post. The big message is anti-Trump, however that can be achieved. Moore explained his hopes for his calendar and the movement:

Remember — All hands on deck! It's the only way we're going to beat him and lessen the damage he's doing. Our goal is his removal from office -- and the defeat of any politician who isn't with us. WE ARE THE MAJORITY.

If early results are indicative, Moore may have motivated progressives across the country to organize themselves via the calendar. Monday night the site was receiving so many submissions that they recommended you double check their Facebook page while they processed them all. Happy organizing.