Michelle Branch’s “Hopeless Romantic” Music Video Will Rain All Over Your Nostalgic Heart (In A Good Way)

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Ready for a music video that is everywhere to me? When I close my eyes it’s the music video I see? The music video that is everything I know that makes me believe I’m not alone, I’m not alone? (Hope you like lyrical puns, because I've only just begun.) The pop-rock singer-songwriter behind inextinguishable hits like “Everywhere” and “All You Wanted” released her first music video in a decade, and boy howdy, am I happy to say un-goodbye to her. On Thursday, the music video for Michelle Branch’s “Hopeless Romantic” dropped. If you love you some M. Branch, I bet this music video will be all you wanted.

Directed by photographer Brian Higbee, “Hopeless Romantic” is a gorgeous, melancholy clip that almost makes me forget how scared I am of driving in the rain. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Branch revealed the inspiration behind the vid. “[Higbee’s] stuff always skews a little bit darker," she told EW. "And I wanted this to be darker. I haven’t had a video out in so long, so I wanted to push the envelope in that sense, and not have something that was ‘cheery’ or what people expect from me.” Not to contradict Branch, but uh, the end result was exactly what I expected from her: yet another terrific music video.

Do you like the “All You Wanted” vid’s rainstorm? “Hopeless Romantic” has got you. Are you a fan of the “Goodbye to You” vid’s pensive driving scenes? “Hopeless Romantic” has got you. Dig all of the moody lighting in the “Are You Happy Now?” vid? “Hopeless Romantic” has got you. Have you been waiting for a fresh music video from Branch? “Hopeless Romantic” has got you.

You can watch “Hopeless Romantic" here.

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This track will appear on Hopeless Romantic, Branch’s first full-length solo album in almost 15 years. The album is slated to hit the physical and e-shelves on April 7.