New 'The Mick' Clip Proves B Stands For Boisterous — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Everyone has that one relative, friend, or frenemy that you simply can't take anywhere because they have no filter whatsoever. Fox's new comedy series The Mick, starring Kaitlin Olson, follows one of these types. Mackenzie (otherwise known as Mickey) is a hustler who's trying to pinch some money out of her wealthy sister. Unfortunately for Mickey, her sister is forced to leave the country to avoid arrest for tax evasion, so she is stuck with custody of her niece and nephews: Sabrina, Chip, and Ben Pemberton. In a teaser clip from "Country Club," the seventh episode of the series which premieres Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 8:31 p.m. ET, Mickey proves that she is the perfect amount of boisterous — the other " B word."

The clip starts with Mickey sitting with her youngest nephew, Ben, and the Pemberton nanny, Alba, in a country club. Mickey is complaining about the "piss-poor nachos" which she refused to pay for — though they aren't really on the menu anyway. When Alba refuses a mojito because her employers request she "be invisible" while at the club, Mickey insists: "Alba, when you get a chance to party at a place like this you got to take full advantage."

The Pembertons head to the country club to keep appearances up without their sassy aunt. But Mickey, with her more down-to-earth view of wealth and power doesn't seem to care about appearances at all and goes anyway. This infuriates her niece, Sabrina. The angry teen requests that Alba take her little brother away so she could have a "chat with Mickey." The sweet but self-conscious Ben responds before he's cut off: "If you're going to use bad words, I already know five. The 'B word' you always call Mickey..."

As Ben is dragged away, Mickey asks dryly, "was the 'B' for boisterous?"

This sort of lovable snark is rampant in the series and makes it a must-see for anyone who likes to see the status quo challenged. You keep doing you, Mickey!