Nick Is Wearing A "Vanessa" Bracelet Because 'The Bachelor' Couple Really Is In Love

Terhi Tuovinen/ABC

Now that Nick Viall has proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi on The Bachelor and the cat is out of the bag, these two can feel free to be very public with their love. What’s on the agenda? Getting married? Having a baby? Or maybe just, you know, making sure they have each other’s correct phone numbers? In an homage to his new fiancée, Bachelor Nick showed his love for Vanessa with an adorable piece of (possibly) homemade jewelry.

Can I just say that it’s about time that Nick and Vanessa could air out their love? Filming wrapped on The Bachelor months ago (right before American Thanksgiving, as Vanessa mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live!), and I can’t imagine how hard it is to have to hide away your love and keep it a secret for weeks and weeks and weeks. It must be very easy to get annoyed with each other when you can't vent to your friends and family. It was just Nick and Vanessa, Vanessa and Nick, and that's all. Familiarity could breed contempt there, but it's clear that Nick only has eyes for Vanessa. He's even wearing a little bit of her with him every day, and it's kind of cute.

It's a bracelet with her name on it! Romper editor Allison Piwowarski asked if Nick's bracelet said "Vanessa," and he seemingly confirmed it on Twitter with an "A-okay" sign.

I know that The Bachelor really favors these big, sweeping romantic gestures of love, but for me, it's about the little things. Grabbing coffees in the morning, wearing a little bracelet like that, ironing a shirt for your girlfriend — these are all nice ways to show that you love someone. If Nick and Vanessa are into these little things (and can maintain them), I think it's a good sign for this newly engaged couple. They may be taking baby steps, but so far, they're the right steps.