Nick & Maks Bromance It Up On 'Dancing With The Stars,' So They Need To Double Date With Vanessa & Peta

Eric McCandless/ABC

The best thing that could have happened to Nick Viall on Dancing With The Stars is that he was partnered with Peta Murgatroyd — she’s one of the best and most veteran dancers on the show, and if anyone could whip Nick Viall into shape (honey, I’ve seen you dance on The Bachelor and it is not 100), it’s Peta. But Peta may have some competition. Nick wants a bromance with Maks on Dancing With The Stars, and Peta might be a little jealous.

Well, OK. She’s probably not jealous. In fact, I’m sure she’s glad that her man on the dance floor and her man in real life are getting along. Frankly, Nick could learn a few things from Maks. He is smooth, man. He’s suave and slick (in a good way) and Nick could learn a few things from a man with moves like that. I’m a fan of both Chmerkovskiy brothers, but Maks is the OG and he will always have a special place in my heart. During the pre-dance interview on the May 1 show, Nick seemed a little giggly around Maks. He even rolled up his shirtsleeves in an attempt to copy Dancing With The Stars’ great one.


This bromance may push the ladies — Peta and Nick’s fiancée, Vanessa — out of the way, but in reality, I think it opens up the gates for all sorts of fun double dates. Or maybe even double date vacations! Maybe Nick-and-Vanessa-and-Maks-and-Peta will book a cruise together or something now. If Nick has his way (and if his love for Maks doesn’t waver), this relationship could be “the real thing,” as they say on Nick’s old show.