Nick Viall Is Appearing On A Show That's Totally Different From 'The Bachelor'

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He's not done with you just yet, TV. Former Bachelor star Nick Viall will appear on General Hospital, and the reality TV personality will have to show off his acting chops. According to TV Insider, Nick has been cast as the host of this year's annual Nurses' Ball on the soap opera, a tradition that originally began on the series in 1994. When will it air? Soon enough, Bachelor Nation. Soon enough.

The fictional ball is the event of the season in the world of GH. Every year, the show's characters get in their most fabulous attire to put on performances and dance numbers at the charity gala and talent show to raise money for HIV and AIDS. Nick will reportedly be the one to interview the ball guests who walk the red carpet on their way into the event. TV Insider also reported that production begins Monday, April 23, and the ball will air the week of May 16-20. Up until this point, Nick hasn't revealed anything about his role on the show on social media.

Although Nick has sworn he'll never be on The Bachelor again, it seems he's keeping things in the ABC family. Maybe the former business account executive has a newfound passion for acting? If so, he's picked a fun way to explore it — seriously, the Nurses' Ball is the fictional event of the year, at least in the soap world.

This isn't the first time Nick's channeled his inner actor. Two months ago, he and fellow Bachelor alum Dean Unglert reenacted Arie's Bachelor finale on social media (video above). The sketch definitely wasn't thrown together on a whim. The guys donned wigs and performed pre-rehearsed dialogue while Nick gave his best impersonation of Lauren and her awkward sexual tension with Arie.

Last fall, Nick also made an appearance on the ABC series Speechless, which cause Twitter to be seriously torn. He played an actor named Tyson, and half of social media was applauding the cameo while others begged for it to stop. It will be interesting to see how Bachelor Nation reacts to Nick's latest acting venture as a red carpet host.

If there's one thing fans know about Nick, it's that he's certainly not camera shy. In Season 21, Nick was the Bachelor after getting to the runner-up spot in not one, but two seasons of The Bachelorette. Oh, and he was on Bachelor in Paradise as well. And also Dancing With the Stars.

If he loves TV so much, why won't Nick return to The Bachelor? He's obviously got the connections over at the network. Well, last summer, he told Us Weekly he was done with the franchise, saying, "I'm definitely done with that. I'm very thankful for everything. I don't have any regrets." Part of his reticence may have to do with experiencing a super public breakup from his former fiancé Vanessa last summer just five months after he proposed. "I still love her very much. I'm not afraid to say that," he told Us Weekly shortly after they split.

Although his current relationship status remains unknown to fans, Nick did say that he was dating again back in January. "I'm dating. That's about all I'll say," he told Us Weekly. Until he's publicly paired up with a new gal, he's been living his life at Coachella, spending time with fellow Bachelor alums (like Dean and Ashley I.), and posting photos of himself in spiffy suits and playing with puppies.

At this point, Nick knows how to give the audience what it wants. But does the crowd really want more of actor Nick? We shall see when he checks into General Hospital this May.