Nina Dobrev's 'TVD' Farewell Will Make You Sob

The CW

On Friday night, fans said goodbye to Mystic Falls and its bevvy of misfit vampires, witches, and werewolves for good. It was a bittersweet farewell, and Nina Dobrev's behind the scenes The Vampire Diaries' photos will make you start crying all over again. Dobrev took to Instagram to say a special farewell to her castmates, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder — better known as the two most significant men in Elena's life, Stefan and Damon — and the series creators, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

If you have yet to see The Vampire Diaries series finale, then turn back now, because there are major spoilers ahead. All clear? Good, because it is impossible to talk about the beautiful finale without mentioning the ultimate sacrifice Stefan made for his brother. The younger Salvatore not only gifted Damon with his mortality, he also sacrificed himself so his big brother could spend a lifetime with Elena. I may never be over it, honestly.

Dobrev posted an entire Instagram photo album devoted to her "undead brothers" and all the behind the scenes shenanigans they have gotten up to over the years. If the thought of never seeing Elena, Damon, and Stefan all together again is too much, then focus on how much respect clearly exists between the actors.

Dobrev captioned the album,

"My undead brothers... I thought vampires weren't supposed to age. Lol. We definitely don't look the same after 8 years, but the make up helped. Raising a glass to celebrate 8 wonderful seasons together, it has been such a beautiful (and liver damaging) adventure knowing you all. Cheers family."

That's not all of the nostalgia Dobrev had in store for her The Vampire Diaries family though. She made another post devoted to the show's creators, Plec and Williamson. The duo responsible for creating all of the doppelganger mayhem, ripper action, and swoonworthy triangles definitely deserve their own album for making the series so addictive. Dobrev and her co-stars spent eight years growing up on the show together, and as the actor noted, Plec and Williamson were like another set of parents.

On Instagram, Dobrev wrote,

"My creators. I love you more than my parents. (Don't tell my parents). What a journey this has been. From the moment I met you, we became a family we began a journey that will last a life time. I'm eternally grateful for your support and love, this opportunity has been life changing and I owe it it all to you."

It's OK to sob, I suspect the cast shed their share of tears after the finale too. The Vampire Diaries was an amazing ride, and Dobrev found the perfect way to pay tribute to the people who made her time in Mystic Falls so memorable.