Oliver Has A Surprising New Partner On 'Legion'

Michelle Faye/FX

David and Syd may have defeated the Big Bad for now, but it appears that Lenny will live on in a new host. The Shadow King is in Oliver on Legion now. Not only is that a bummer for Melanie, who just got her husband back, but this road trip that they're on "together," Oliver and Amahl Farouk, has some mysterious and definitely nefarious purpose.

Lenny kept stressing to Sydney that she would only leave David's head willingly, and she did find a suitable new host. Oliver is perhaps weaker than David, and has an advanced knowledge of the Astral Plane. Oliver leaves at the end of the episode, humming "If I Ruled The World," which seemed odd at first, but not unlikely for Oliver. He's a spacey dude at his best. However, a long-haired, stylish Lenny appeared next Oliver in the car. I like the visual of Oliver driving a car with the steering wheel on the right — since that's not what American audiences are used to, it creates a fun discrepancy and plays with the idea of who's a passenger and who's in control on this trip.

He asked her where they should look first, and the parasite responded "somewhere warm." Who, or what, are they looking for? Surely Charles Xavier, if he is in fact David's father and Farouk's enemy on Legion, shouldn't be that difficult to pin down. However, I can't think of anyone else that the Shadow King would want to find.

I do really feel bad for Melanie, because it seemed like Oliver got his memory of her back just before he was infested with the Shadow King. Maybe I'm a sap for romance, but I just want them to be together again. Whatever's next for Oliver and Lenny on Legion will be interesting, but almost certainly heartbreaking as well.