Paris Jackson Teases Her 'Star' Guest Role & Proves She Is Ready To Shine — VIDEO

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's time for another member of the Jackson family to make their mark on the world and this debut is going to be exciting. Paris Jackson will guest star on Star, making the hit Fox show the platform for her acting debut. Exciting, right? Ahead of the episode's premiere, Fox has released a behind-the-scenes clip of Paris Jackson as Star's Rachel Wallace, a social media influencer and photographer with a little more bite in her bark than Star and the crew were expecting.

Jackson looks absolutely effortless and at ease behind the scenes on Star. While the eldest of Michael Jackson's progeny has appeared to lean more toward musical and modeling pursuits (if her Instagram is any indicator) in the past, all signs point to "Hell yes" if you find yourself wondering whether Jackson could have a viable acting career. She absolutely shines onscreen. Even more blatant is the fact that while she comes from a famous family, she is not leaning on their fame or talent to slide by; she is a genuine star in the making.

When discussing her Star character, Jackson gushed in the video:

This role is really opposite to me and, for it being my first real on-camera acting, I think it's a good way for me to show my acting capabilities. [...] The girls first meet Rachel Wallace, this social media photographer chick who is really into herself. She's just the bossiest chick in the world and doesn't care about what anybody thinks.

That attitude Jackson describes her character having comes through loud and clear in a quick shot of Jackson as Rachel Wallace.

Star on YouTube

Jackson's talent shines through the camera and her Star debut should be one for the books. While there is no word on whether or not she will line up any other acting gigs in the near future, I seriously hope Jackson considers pursuing it further. She's got that star quality about her.