Pheadra's Restoration Service Restores RHOA Drama

Charles Sykes/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta might be in Hawaii, but they haven't adopted the island's laid-back energy at all, with huge, knock-down verbal brawls on every night on the trip so far. After the dramatic dinner where Kandi and Porsha clashed yet again, the group split along gender lines in order for Pheadra's "restoration" service, which turned out to be a forum for more drama, including renewed conversation about whether or not Phaedra cheated on Apollo before he was in jail. Kandi managed to stay calm this time, and she's standing by her comments, while Phaedra quickly brought the gathering to an end after Kenya's ears pricked up at the suggestion that she may have been texting someone romantically before Apollo went to prison.

With the guys, it was slightly hilarious to hear Porsha's Todd talk to Kandi's Todd about how he likes to stay out of the women's drama while sitting right next to Peter. And it was kind of nice to hear Peter talk kindly about Cynthia, since it seems as though he may have finally realized what a catch she is now that they're finally getting divorced, which: took you long enough.

The hero of this event was absolutely Cynthia, who saved the most brutal read for last: she called it pointless, called it a session for everyone to read one another, and listed all of the wasted time in energy involved in getting dressed made up, and putting on a wig on for nothing more than a rehash of all the same drama.

There was one piece of drama, though, that reared its head after many weeks of silence. Weeks ago, before the camping trip, Shereé said that Kenya had "provoked" Matt, her boyfriend, to break the windows in her car. Kenya's response, in that moment, to point out that Shereé had also been "jumped on" by one of her exes, presumably, based on how they talk about it in this episode, Bob. Shereé claims that Kenya was "trivializing" domestic abuse, Kenya claims that Shereé was being ignorant about what causes domestic abuse. Even odder, they basically agreed to forgive and forget, for now, making these RHOA foes friends for now.