Photos Of Britney Spears Where You Really Can't Tell What Year It Is

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I think we can all remember where we were and what we were doing when we realized that Britney Spears is basically the best human of all time. I mean, I might have only been in fourth grade when I convinced my mom to buy me her debut album, but I can still belt out those songs in the car with the best of them. And now that the world has been lucky enough to enjoy more than 15 years of her music and shows, I think we can definitively say that Spears is timeless. And not just her music, either — her style, too. Spears so fearlessly wears whatever she wants, trends be damned. And that's probably why in so many photos of Britney Spears it's pretty much impossible to tell what year it is.

Normally, you'd see a celeb in Ugg boots and be like, "Oh, that picture was taken in the early 2000s," right? But those rules don't apply to Spears. She will wear what was cool 10 years ago in 2016, and she gets away with it, because she's Britney Spears. And maybe we'd all benefit from being a little bit more like her in that way.

Celebrities come and go, but Britney Spears is forever, and these photos prove exactly that.

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