This Charitable Tee Is Completely Blank, But Still Makes A Massive Statement

Courtesy Project Social T

There have been tons of charitable tees floating around lately. It's the trend that looks great and gives back at the same time. This one is a little different — it's completely plain. Project Social T's Make March Matter Shirt has a big message, but it's hidden on the inside. That way you can focus on the cause and not just sporting a trendy slogan around. Because at the end of the day, the cause is what matters most.

It's easy to get wrapped up in looks. Especially when it comes to charitable apparel. But Project Social T is solving that problem by selling a plain charitable tee for their Make March Matter Campaign. The plain blue shirt with distressed detailing is made from their signature Wearever Tee and says nothing on the outside.

"Everyone has a drawer full of graphic tees from marathons, charities, and volunteer days that they have participated in, but usually those T-shirts end up not getting worn again very often," Mike Chodler, founder & CEO of Project Social T tells Bustle. "We used our signature Wearever Tee in an exclusive color inspired by CHLA to make something a little different."

The shirt is available from now through the end of March for $40 on the Project Social T website. All proceeds will go directly to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Limited Edition Children's Hospital Los Angeles Tee, $40, Project Social T

This shirt isn't completely bare though. The inside of the shirt has an important reminder of why you bought the tee.

It reads, "Project Social T has partnered with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles to support their Make March Matter Campaign. 100% of proceeds from this T-shirt are dedicated to help ensure that critical, life-saving care is available to every child treated at the hospital while bringing greater awareness to the importance of children's healthcare. You are wearing more than just a tee, you're improving the lives of others."

Charity is about what you do to improve the lives of others. With Project Social T's shirt, you'll know that you did good, which is what matters the most.

"The inside has text to remind you of the cause you supported each time you pick it up, while the outside is left blank so the tee is wearable any day," says Chodler. "With us you are buying more than just a tee, you are improving the lives of others."

Limited Edition Children's Hospital Los Angeles Tee, $40, Project Social T

The brand works with four different charities every year to raise money for organizations of all sizes. This one is a limited edition shirt, but it won't go out of style. With the purchase of the shirt, you'll get an item that you can wear any day of the week and is super versatile. Plus you'll feel great knowing that the donation went to a good cause.

"In the past we have supported smaller charities, but we always love supporting charities that help children and young adults," Chodler says. "We fell in love with CHLA and the work that they do for a staggering amount of children and their families year after year. We couldn't possibly think of a better way to start of 2018 than contributing our time and money with this Hospital."

For every sale of the CHLA shirt, Project Social T is also offering 30 percent off of its' bestselling Suzie Shirttail Tee. So if giving back isn't enough of a reason the shop, the discount will definitely will make the deal sweeter.

Limited Edition Children's Hospital Los Angeles Tee, $40, Project Social T

This shirt is already selling out sizes online, so stop what you're doing and go shop. Because you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to get rewarded for giving back.