PSA: These 45 Awesomely Useful Products On Amazon Are All Under $10

My favorite thing about Amazon is that it has anything and everything in all different categories and price ranges. The sweet spot, however, is probably the glorious Amazon products under $10. These brilliant items are usually way better quality (and a lot more practical) than the things you can buy for under $1. On the other end of things, they're also a heck of a lot more accessible than some of the ridiculously expensive things Amazon has to offer. This $110,000 porcelain fairy figurine chandelier, for example. Why? I don't know, but the reviews on it are comedic gold.

In my mind, there's a massive difference between items that are affordable but ultimately useless, and impossibly clever products everyone needs to own. If the latter also happens to be within your monthly spending budget, then that's the type of purchase you can't pass up. These are the affordable things on Amazon that you'll actually want, because they make your life easier, neater, more efficient, and maybe even a little bit happier. The best news? Every single one of them comes in at under $10, so you don't have to feel any guilt about adding several of them to your Amazon shopping cart.

1. These Flexible And Magnetic Silicone Bands That You Can Use For All Sorts Of Jobs

Magnetic Silicone Organizers, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

These epic organizers are wrapped in flexible silicone, bend all different ways, and have one magnet on each end. As a result, they're great for all sorts of basic jobs, like propping your phone up, clipping your money together, organizing your wires, and hanging stuff on the refrigerator. They're also available in lime green.


2. This LED Night Light That Turns On When It Senses Your Presence

Ivation Motion-Activated Night Light, $8, Amazon

Imagine a world where you can make it to the bathroom without stubbing your toe or hurting your eyes from the unexpected light. This Ivation night light has six LED lights that automatically turn on when they sense motion, and are gentle enough not to hurt tired eyes. You can set the automatic timer for 30 or 60 seconds, and it shuts off in the daytime to save energy.


3. The Handy Kitchen Tool So You'll Never Lose Your Grip On A Burger While Flipping It

Tenta Kitchen Gripper Tool, $9, Amazon

Spatulas are useful, but in my opinion, the design is only halfway there. These Tenta grippers are made out of German stainless steel and have a top clamp, as well, so you can secure cake while serving it or lock onto a burger while flipping it. The slotted clamp means you won't get juice or extra oil on your plate, and one reviewer writes: "This Tenta spatula is all one piece so no breaking hinges or pinch points and it works great for my cast iron. It really helps when I'm cooking a lot and can't always trust flipping with a normal spatula."


4. This Uplifting Way To Start Your Day (And It Only Takes A Minute)

Good Days Start With Gratitude Journal, $6, Amazon

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude in minutes a day with this brilliant but accessible journal. A daily prompt asks you to jot down three things you're thankful for, and the weekly spread has a checkpoint and an inspirational quote. Reviewers have made it a best-seller because it's "simple," "straightforward," "doesn't make too many demands on [your] time," and "puts [you] in a positive mood every morning."


5. This Stainless Steel Whisk With A Built-In Bowl Scraper

Joseph Joseph Two-In-One Whisk, $10, Amazon

So genius, yet so simple. This Joseph Joseph two-in-one tool combines a stainless steel whisk with a flexible silicone scraper. That way, you can mix your batter in your favorite bowl and get every last drop when transferring it into the pan. It has a non-slip handle, is dishwasher safe, and reviewers say it's "perfect."


6. A Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Pillow With A Pocket

JCFamily Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow, $9, Amazon

Wrapped in a soft velvet material, but totally adjustable as far as the height and firmness, this inflatable neck pillow has a 4.9-star rating because it makes plane and car rides infinitely more comfortable. It's also washable, compact, has a pocket for your phone, and comes with a free eye mask and earplugs.


7. These Flexible Ice Packs That You Can Also Put In The Microwave For Some Warmth

IceWraps Reusible Gel Packs, $9, Amazon

When put in the freezer, IceWraps gel packs are awesome for easing headaches, soothing puffy eyes, calming pain and inflammation, or cooling you down. They stay flexible no matter what, and have a protective cloth backing that eases the cold sensation — but you can also put them in the microwave if you're looking for some heat therapy, instead.


8. These Flexible Silicone Molds Take Cake Shapes To A New Level

Magic Bake Snake, $10 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Forget expensive pans in all different shapes — the Magic Bake Snake is made up of silicone pieces that bend and snap together to create pretty much any design. Simply place your creation on a flat pan and pour in the batter to make cakes and cupcakes that are shaped like hearts, flowers, letters, numbers, or characters. Reviewers also say they're durable and extremely easy to clean.


9. The Set Of Four Stainless Steel Tweezers For Everything From Eyebrows To Ingrown Hairs

Aumelo Tweezers Set, $10 (Set of 4), Amazon

"Very effective and allow for easy tweezing," one reviewer raves about this Aumelo tweezers set. It comes with four professional stainless steel tweezers, and each tip is different to meet a variety of beauty needs. They're hand-filed, designed for precision, and come in a classy leather storage case.


10. These Silicone Pinchers That Protect Your Hands Without Taking Up All Your Storage Space

Topshome Pinch Mitts, $6, Amazon

Just like your typical oven mitts, these Topshome pinch mitts protect your hands from heat, but they're also small and washable for easy storage and cleaning. They're made from 100 percent silicone, which rinses away all bacteria and food residue, and the interior non-slip grips help you securely grasp any pot, pan, or bowl. They even stack one on top of the other and come in multiple colors.


11. A Magical Serum That Grows Our Brows And Lashes

NewHM Lash Growth Serum, $10, Amazon

It's hypoallergenic, packed with vitamins, and made from natural ingredients, but according to reviewers, "this stuff is amazing." NewHM lash growth serum is a great option for brows that have been plucked too thin, lashes that have been lost due to extensions, or anyone looking for quicker growth and more volume.


12. This BPA-Free Bottle That Helps You Track Your Water Intake Throughout The Day

Intak Water Bottle, $9, Amazon

If you're looking to up your water intake throughout the day, the Intak water bottle can help. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill with ice and water, the rotating intake meter monitors your hydration levels, and the push-button lid with a locking ring is great for sipping on-the-go. It's also ergonomically designed without BPAs, and has a hygienic mouth cover and carrying loop so you can bring it anywhere.


13. A Multi-Tool That Clips Right Onto Your Keys, So You Always Have The Tool For The Job

Nite Ize DoohicKey Key, $5, Amazon

This DoohicKey multi-tool clips onto your keys and features a box cutter, bottle opener, wrench, ruler, carabiner, and flathead screwdriver. Everything is made with trusty stainless steel, and it's streamlined so it's super easy to carry with you always. It's also TSA-friendly.


14. The Cases That Protect Your Pillows From Mites, Mold, Bacteria, And Over-Heating

Utopia Bedding Bamboo Pillowcases, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

Made with 300 count bamboo fabric, these Utopia Bedding pillowcases are resistant to mold spores, dust mites, allergens, and even bacteria. They have a well-made zipper that keeps the pillow in place, and they're also way more breathable and moisture-wicking than cotton, so you can stay cool without having to flip the pillow.


15. This 4,000 mAh Portable Charger That Plugs Right Into Your Wall

Tzumi PocketJuice Endurance AC, $5, Amazon

There's no shortage of portable chargers on the market, but few are as convenient and affordable as this one. The Tzumi PocketJuice Endurance AC plugs directly into the wall for easy charging, and has a built-in micro USB cable to attach to your phone. Its 4,000 mAh battery delivers up to two full charges to all iPhone and Android devices, and the stylish pink shell is UV-resistant.


16. This Essential Oil Diffuser That Clips Right Onto Your Car Vent

COSCOD Car Essential Oil Diffuser, $10, Amazon

Whether you're looking to purify the air in your car or just reap the calming benefits of aromatherapy during your commute, this diffuser locket is the way to go. Add three drops of your favorite blend to one of the eight multicolored and reusable pads. Then close the locket, clasp it onto your air vent, and turn on the heat or AC. It can also be clipped anywhere, so you can use it in your office or your home.


17. A Roll-Up Jewelry Organizer Is A Life-Saver For Travel

Misslo Roll-Up Organizer, $9, Amazon

Maybe you're on the move with your jewelry or maybe you're tired of it all tangling together in your jewelry box. Either way, the Misslo roll-up organizer is great for both travel and storage. It has eight zippered pockets (clear, so you can see the contents) and a rotatable hanger at the top. When it's time to go, it all rolls up into a convenient clutch. Reviewers also use it for their makeup and toiletries.


18. The Shoe Goo That Repairs Old Shoes And Makes New Shoes Waterproof

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive, $5, Amazon

Not only does Shoe Goo bond and adhere to rebuild shoes and patch holes, but it actually acts as a protective coating for leather, rubber, or canvas. It's waterproof to hold strong even when exposed to moisture, and it dries totally clear for discreet repairs.


19. The Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

Haizhixuan Makeup Organizer, $10, Amazon

With adjustable shelves, a 360-degree rotating design, and a washable, non-scratch construction, the Haizhixuan makeup organizer handles all your beauty essentials with ease. Not only can you personalize it to fit your taller bottles, but everything is always accessible and — most importantly — organized on your vanity.


20. This Phone Sleeve That Holds Your ID Or Money When You Don't Want To Carry A Wallet

Injimoru Phone Sleeve, $10, Amazon

Attach the Injimoru sleeve to your phone (or any other device) using the reliable built-in 3M adhesive. After that, you always have a place to store your credit cards, ID, and cash. It's stretchy, available in multiple colors, and reviewers say, "Now I don’t have to carry my wallet with me when I go to the gym or club!"


21. These Non-Toxic And Reusable Air Fresheners Made From Charcoal

Homy Feel Bamboo Air Purifiers, $9 (Set of 3), Amazon

Because they're packed with activated bamboo charcoal, these Homy Feel air purifiers are ridiculously absorbent. That means they effectively soak up odors and moisture to keep your home mold-free and smelling fresh. Since they're so compact and come in a pack of three, you can also toss one in the car and in the laundry room.


22. A Foot Mask That Gets Rid Of All The Dead Skin

Amazing Plus Foot Peel, $10, Amazon

Using extracts from herbs and fruit acids, the Amazing Plus foot peel causes the dead skin and callouses on your feet to literally peel off in less than a week. Simply put the masks over your feet, wear them for roughly an hour, and rinse off the residue. According to buyers, it's "gross but weirdly satisfying," and their "feet have never been so soft."


23. An Essential Roll On That Chills You Out

Chill Essential Oil Roll On, $10, Amazon

No matter where you are, this essential oil roll-on helps you chill out. Real essential oils like lavender, clary sage, and ylang ylang work to ease your nerves and reduce stress, while a pure coconut oil carrier makes it safe for skin. No wonder reviewers are saying, "This is literally the best thing I have ever spent my money on."There are also no artificial additives to this roll on.


24. These Two Double-Sided Tools To Groom Your Lashes And Brows Like A pro

iLuLu Lash And Brow Tools, $8, Amazon

Together, these two iLuLu tools have everything you need to groom your lashes and brows. The 100 percent synthetic set comes with a metal lash comb, soft brow groomer, angled brush, and a blending spoolie. One reviewer says they "use them every day," while another writes, "Better quality than what [my wife] pays more for at Ulta."


25. This Clamp That Fits Most Desks And Organizes Your Wires For You

ProCIV Cord Management System, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

Organize your cables and stop them from slipping behind the desk with the ProCIV cord management system. The special S-shape fits most desks and adheres without marks, while the silicone material holds wires of any size and allows you to remove them whenever. "Darn handy and simply useful," says one reviewer who uses them in the car to keep cords adhered to the dashboard.


26. This Smart Hanger That Holds Multiple Dresses Vertically To Reduce Slipping And Boost Storage

IEOKE Dress Organizer Hangers, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

Dresses take up a ton of room in your closet — or at least they would, if you could get them to stay on the hanger. The IEOKE dress organizer holds multiple strappy items at once in a cascade design that hangs vertically, so it takes up significantly less space. The square grooves prevent slipping, the chrome hook rotates all the way around, and you can snap multiples together for even more storage.


27. Use Your Phone Near Water Without Worrying, Thanks To This Clear Waterproof Bag

JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag, $7, Amazon

Text in the shower, bring your phone kayaking, or take underwater photos — because the possibilities are endless with the JOTO dry bag. It's waterproof up to 100 feet deep and has a secure lock seal, but the clear, touch-friendly front and back allow you to use your phone like normal. It even comes with a convenient neck strap.


28. This Charcoal Toothpaste That Whitens Without Causing Tooth Sensitivity

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste, $6, Amazon

Looking to whiten your teeth without any sensitivity issues? Twin Lotus toothpaste contains activated charcoal, which soaks up stains and discoloration from cigarettes, tea, coffee, and general yellowing. It also absorbs odors, and when paired with the essential oils, can help reduce bad breath. If you're not sold, check out the before and after pictures from reviewers.


29. These Color-Coded Reusable Produce Bags Cut Down On Your Plastic Waste

BahrEco Reusable Produce Bags, $10 (Set of 5), Amazon

Go plastic-free with these adorable (yet reliable) reusable produce bags. They're made from strong, breathable mesh and have color-coded drawstrings to organize your fruits and vegetables during your shopping trips. They're even waterproof if you want to rinse and drain your produce right in the bags.


30. This Emu Oil Lip Balm That Heals, Protects, And Penetrates Deep Into The Skin

Emu Joy Lip Balm, $8, Amazon

"I've tried every OTC lip balm I could get my hands on but none ever moisturized my lips quite like this one," one reviewer writes. That's because Emu Joy lip balm is made from wild-crafted ingredients like coconut oil, Montana beeswax, and emu oil. Not only does it nourish lips with much-needed oils and vitamins, but it actually forms a protective layer to prevent against further damage.


31. This Magnetic Silicone Spool Protects Your Earphones From Damage And Tangles

Bluelounge Cableyoyo, $6, Amazon

Wrap the wire of your earphones around the Bluelounge Cableyoyo, and the magnetic center secures the buds in the middle. It's slim, lightweight, and made from durable silicone, so you can pop it in your bag, pocket, or drawer. It's also available in three colors, so you can keep your earbuds damage- and tangle-free in style.


32. This Nail Buffer Tool With Four Sides For Four Different Jobs

TWEEZERMAN Four-Way Nail Buffer, $9, Amazon

File, buff, smooth, and shine your nails with one tool: The TWEEZERMAN four-way nail buffer is rectangular with different textures on each side to completely care for your nails. It even comes with replacement pads, but according to reviewers, it's not quick to wear out: "I've had mine for almost a year and just now changed the buffer number two pad. I love that it's just as high quality as all the other Tweezerman products."


33. These Cut-Resistant Gloves Protect Hands From Knives, Thorns, And Tools

G & F Cut-Resistant Gloves, $10, Amazon

Whether you're gardening, cooking, or working with dangerous tools, these G & F gloves might just prevent a serious injury. The 100 percent cut-resistant fiber ensures protection from knives, thorns, and other sharp tools, while the silicone coating keeps your hands safe from heat. They're also food-grade, have non-slip piping, and come in multiple sizes.


34. This Stainless Steel Extractor Kit With An Antibacterial Coating

ElleSye Extractor Kit, $7, Amazon

If you can't resist popping pimples, you might as well do it with clean, hygienic tools. Everything in the ElleSye extractor kit is made from stainless steel and has an antibacterial coating to prevent the spread of germs. Six different tools are double-sided to tackle everything from blackheads to ingrown hairs, and it comes with a rust-free and waterproof storage box to keep everything neat and sanitary.


35. The Exfoliating Pad That Fights Acne And Evens Skin Tone

C200 Bubble Peeling Pad, $8, Amazon

Made with vitamin C, plant-derived acids, and fermented ingredients, the C200 bubble peeling pad helps to exfoliate dead skin, clear up acne, and even skin tone. Simply take it out of the package and rub it all around your face for a chemical exfoliant that reviewers call "amazing," "mind-blowing," and "very strong, but gentle."


36. The Genius Zester That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Chef'n Palm Zester, $10, Amazon

Where was this thing when I was accidentally cutting my knuckles on a cheese grater? The Chef'n Palm zester wraps around your fingers to give you complete control while zesting or grating — without coming anywhere near your skin. It has a durable stainless steel blade, rubber comfort grips, and even catches everything inside for easy clean-up and transferring.


37. A Brilliant Little Table For Your Outlet

Bobino Phone Holder, $9, Amazon

Hang the Bobino holder over your charger, and you'll never again have to put your phone on the floor. It's sturdy enough to handle today's larger touch screens, has a built-in wire organizer, and folds up when it's time to go. It even has anti-slip pads so it won't move around.


38. This Hand Sanitizer That Protects Against Germs Long After You've Applied It

Nano Pure Next Generation Hand Sanitizer, $7 (Set of 2), Amazon

Unlike your average sanitizer that needs to be reapplied, Nano Pure forms a molecular barrier that protects against germs for up to 24 hours. It's dermatologist-tested and water-based to kill over 99 percent of germs without irritating skin, and the tiny bottles are great for trips, commuting, and gym bags.


39. These Spiral-Shaped Pins That Screw Into Your Bun For An Extra Secure Hold

Spin Pins, $9 (Set of 8), Amazon

Rather than trying to secure a bun with dozens of bobby pins, these Spin Pins screw all the way through your hairstyle to seriously hold it in place. They're made from lightweight metal alloy, have rounded tips to keep from scratching your scalp, and are 2-inches in length, so they won't pop out the other end. "Bun never falls out, and I no longer have to deal with hair ties pulling my hair!" one reviewer writes.


40. The Extenders That Make Your Tightest Bra Comfortable Enough To Wear All Night

Bra Extenders, $6 (Set of 6), Amazon

Everyone has that one bra that they love aesthetically, but 2 hours in, they start to regret their decision to wear it. These genius bra extenders have two rows of hooks and are made from soft, stretchy material. They come in three different colors to match virtually any bra, and can extend the band a couple of inches to get the room you need to stay comfortable.


41. These Tiny Safety Razors Made Specifically For Brows And Facial Hair

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack, $5 (6 Pack), Amazon

When plucking is too painful and regular-sized razors are too clunky, try out these Tinkle eyebrow razors. The stainless steel blade removes hair quickly and precisely while the safety cover protects sensitive areas. Reviewers love them because they're way less expensive than threading, can be used all over the face, and won't cause ingrown hairs.


42. This Charging Station That Has Six Different USB Ports For All Your Devices

Wyness Six-Port USB Station, $10, Amazon

If you're constantly fighting for your right to use the USB wall connector, try the Wyness USB station instead. It has six ports that allow you to charge all kinds of phones, cameras, and devices at once, all with safety and optimal output in mind. It comes in a bunch of different colors and only takes up one outlet at a time.


43. These Patches That Pull All The White Stuff To The Surface So Your Pimple Can Heal Faster

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, $5, Amazon

Speed up the healing process of your pimples with these COSRX Master patches. They're tiny, transparent stickers loaded with hydrocolloid, which sucks all the gross stuff out of a blemish so it clears up quicker. They come in multiple sizes for any type of pimple, and reviewers are raving, "these. things. are. awesome!"


44. This Collapsible Cover Keeps Your Food Moist And Your Microwave Clean

Tovolo Collapsible Microwave Cover, $8, Amazon

Not only does the Tovolo cover protect your microwave from splashes and splatters, but it features lid perforations that keep your food tasting moist and fresh. It's heat-resistant up to 600-degrees Fahrenheit, can be thrown in the dishwasher, and collapses into a flat disk for easy storage.


45. This Quick-Drying Nylon Towel That Exfoliates Like A Champ

Cure Series Exfoliating Bath Towel, $6, Amazon

Because it's made from textured nylon rather than cotton, this Cure Series bath towel is especially effective when it comes to exfoliating dead skin. The strong weave creates a luxurious lather out of any soap, boosts circulation, and buffs away callouses. Since it dries quickly, it's much more hygienic — especially since mold likes wet places.

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