Queen Elizabeth May Send Secret Messages To Her Staff Through Her Handbag

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth is well known for sending messages through fashion, but did you know that she also uses her clothing to communicate with her staff? Consider it like a chic bat-sign. When speaking to People Magazine, author Penavic Marshall, who worked with both the Clinton and Obama families, shared anecdotes about what it's like to visit the Queen. Once, when she attempted to hold the Queen’s handbag while she greeted the Obamas, Marshall was quickly stopped and told “We do not touch the bag […] We don’t know what’s in the bag, but we never touch the bag.”

“I did learn later on that she perhaps uses the bag as a signal," Marshall said. "If it's on one part of her arm, it means the meeting is going fine, leave me alone. But if she lowers it, it means, 'End this now. I want to go.'” If you're planning on adapting that communication strategy the next time you're out with your friends, you're not alone.

Reporters have long speculated that The Queen carries a bag to avoid shaking hands in crowds, a strategy also adapted by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. The idea that the Queen sends messages to her staff through her handbag placement means it has even more uses than the public initially realized. No doubt the media will be watching her accessories even more closely in the months and years to come.

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