Rarely Do You Find Products This Cheap With So Many Amazing Amazon Reviews

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A good product should be three things: Affordable, high-quality, and frequently useful. And, you know, offices could offer four-day work weeks, dogs should live forever, and guac needs to be free of charge everywhere. I dream the impossible dreams, here. However, when it comes to affordable products on Amazon — you can have it all. They're cheap, really good to have around, and backed by a ton of enthusiastic reviewers.

Guac, will, of course always be an extra surcharge — even if it's the kind that's basically all tomato.

However, you can't order mashed avocado on Amazon. What you can order are useful things like a wireless smart home camera to make sure your neighbor isn't, in fact, snatching your recently-ordered DVD of Corky Romano off your porch when you're not home. Or a slow cooker that you can make 6 quarts of queso in and pretend it's for other people when it's really all for you. Or a bar of soap made with mud from the Dead Sea — because if you're like me, you'll slather anything on your face if it promises to make you glow.

And they're all cheap — so you can buy all three (or all of the products on this list). Who's stopping you? Your neighbor? He's busy tonight: DVDs don't tend to watch themselves.

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