Here's How To Recreate Rihanna's Big, Sexy Curls From The 2018 Grammys

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With any awards show comes incredible beauty trends. But the best looks are the ones that you can actually create on your own. Rihanna wore super full curls for her Grammys performance, and it turns out the look is super easy to get. According to celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams, who worked on Rihanna's locks for the show, all you need are three products and a little bit of patience to get this look. Get your straighteners ready, people.

You might not be able to figure out how to get Lady Gaga's lace-up hair from the Grammys, but you can get Rihanna's curls from her "Wild Thoughts" performance. The singer stepped out onto the stage rocking effortless curls that lasted all night long. Although she had quite a few outfit changes throughout the night, her "Wild Thoughts" performance hair matched with all of them. It turns out that the look is pretty easy to get too.

“To start, I prepped Rihanna’s hair with mousse and then blew it out using the GHD Air Hairdryer to create extra volume in the root," Williams says in a press release. "Once dried, I used the GHD Gold Professional Styler to smooth out the root and get rid of flyaways."

"Then, using the Curve Classic Wave Wand, I curled sections of the hair to create fluffy, gorgeous curls," he says. "Once all the hair was curled, I used the Gold Professional Styler to soften any tight curls and create bouncy waves. I then softly brushed out the curls for added volume using GHD Oval Dressing Brush. Lastly, I spritzed a finishing spray to hold the style and added in an orchid to complete the look for the Wild Thoughts performance."

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In case you're not keeping track, you'll need at least the Wave Wand, Professional Styler, and finishing spray to get the look. The only catch is that you'll have to wait for the new curling iron to come out on Feb. 1. It will be available for $199 on the GHD website.

"Because of the vibe of the whole performance, we wanted to go whimsical. Studio 54 meets Bob Fosse meets Blaxploitation," Williams tells Allure. "Big hair, fluffy — it was to make her look like a dream pretty much... Like a disco diva with cheesecloth in front of Barbara Walters filter."

I think it's safe to say that Williams nailed the look. Whether the singer was wearing an effortless dress or an edgy, leather jacket, the curls stood their own. The celebrity hair stylist was also responsible for styling the backup dancers as well, but the style is a little less wearable than Rihanna's.

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Of course, you can use any wand or straightener that you have on hand to mock Rihanna's look. The style is perfect for Valentine's Day, because, well, it doesn't take a lot of effort. You can also use the products to accentuate your natural curls. You don't have to go super spiraled like Rihanna's locks.

Williams told Allure that he went between curls and waves to get the look, and you could easily do the same. It allows you to personalize your look to your own natural curl.

"[Rihanna's hair] was totally two different textures," Williams told the publication. "It was curly and there were some waves. I used the flatiron to do flat waves, and I used the wand to create more of a loopier type of curl."

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If you're looking to get the full Rihanna-effect, you'll also need an oversized flower to complete your look. She had a tiny little bouquet tucked behind her ear for the entire performance.

Let's be honest, Williams pretty much created this look on Rihanna just to inspire you for Valentine's Day.