Twitter Is Really Rooting For Riz Ahmed To Join ‘Venom’

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In casting news that will make your heart skip a beat, Riz Ahmed may join Venom, according to Variety. The site is reporting that the actor is in "early talks" for the Tom Hardy-led film. While Sony had no comment for Variety, a source told the publication that Ahmed could play a "popular Marvel character." Bustle reached out to Ahmed's rep, but did not receive an immediate response. Yet even without any confirmation, Twitter is already so here for the idea.

Word spread on Wednesday night that the Night Of actor may join the Marvel spin-off's cast, and fans couldn't be more excited. When you think about it, the movie is bringing together two stars, who've become known as the internet's boyfriends (aspirational, of course). And Twitter is freaking out over just the idea of seeing Hardy and Ahmed unite on-screen.

Who knows, even if Ahmed hasn't been cast, maybe the fan response will be enough to make Sony decide to add him to the roster. Considering the Emmy-nominated actor's résumé, there's likely nothing he can't handle. From Rogue One to Girls to Nightcrawler, Ahmed truly has quite the range and the public excitement is 100 percent warranted.

No Chill

Nope, no chill found here.

The Dream Team

Just think about it.

Tears Of Joy

Overdramatic? No way.

Please, Be True

Fingers crossed.

Who Needs Spider-Man...

... when you can have Ahmed and Hardy instead?

This Changes Everything

*hops on bandwagon*

Dreaming Big

Literally. Remember those muscles near the end of The Night Of?

Too Much Excitement

OK, this one may be a little on the overdramatic side.

Proud Fans

See? Fans have his back.

Take It All

They're already ready to buy all the tickets.

Making Moves

Not a bad career trajectory. Not at all.

Are you listening, Sony? Please give the people what they want. Pretty please?