Warby Parker Sells Contacts Now

Warby Parker's new contact lenses, called Scout
Courtesy of Warby Parker

If you’ve loved the convenience of being able to order your prescription glasses and shades online from Warby Parker, their newest release might be extra exciting. When you go to get your prescription updated in Warby Parker stores, you no longer have to limit yourself to glasses — you’ll also be able to get fitted for contact lenses, too. Scout by Warby Parker contacts are the retailer’s first-ever daily contact lenses.

Price-wise, they work out to around $1.25 a day for a 90-day supply, or $110, letting you see properly for about the price of a small, street cart black coffee. And similar to Warby Parker's home try-on program you know and love, the brand is also offering a $5 trial pack with a six-day supply of prescription lenses, so you can make sure they work for you before you commit.

“This is the first time we’re launching a new brand within Warby Parker— it’s a tremendous milestone for our team," Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal said in a statement. "As we approached the launch of Scout, it was essential to us that the product be affordable, comfortable, and high quality. We took our time developing the perfect contact lens experience for our customers and are excited to have it out in the world.”

Courtesy of Warby Parker

In addition to looking out for your wallet, Scout contacts will be looking out for the environment, too. When you order a 90-day pack, your lenses will arrive in a compact box constructed from recycled materials that come from the lens production process itself. It’s not just the overall packaging that will be environmentally conscious: each lens will arrive in a flat pack that uses 80% less material than most other contact packaging, according to a press release from the brand sent to Bustle. Scout contacts will also come shipped such that the lens’ outer surface is facing up, reducing the need to touch the the part that touches your eye. If you've ever struggled with pinching your contact to get it out of the new case, then flipping it back to get it on your eye, then this should be good news. At launch, contact lens purchases will not be eligible for the brand's Buy A Pair, Give A Pair program, and Scout does not make lenses that correct issues like astigmatism.

CNBC reported that Warby Parker will also sell lenses from other brands, in addition to Scout. Customers can get full-service eye exams — so, getting fitted for both contacts and glasses — at Warby Parker stores, and these services will be covered by insurance (depending on your provider). The end result? A one-stop-shop for all your eye needs.