Shoppers in the U.S. Are Obsessed With These 41 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon For Around The House

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When it comes to adding new items to our home, my boyfriend and I have very different ideas on what's the best thing to buy. Luckily, there's an obvious answer on what to purchase — because shoppers in the U.S. are obsessed with these Amazon products with high reviews. They're all a little weird, very genius, and extremely useful to own, and the proof is in all the people snatching them up.

We also have very different ideas on how to declutter and organize — like for every piece of junk in the junk drawer, there's a pack of magnetic twist ties I could have purchased instead that would turn that drawer into a useful one. Or, instead of old take-out containers, I could buy some ventilated produce containers — because, as I'm sure you and I both agree, it's good to get rid of old things and replace them with some brilliant household items that are available on Amazon. It's just a matter of getting him to toss some of the things we no longer need.

So whether you've cleaned out your house and are looking for the latest and greatest to fill it back up, or are simply in the market for a compact miniature Keurig, look no further than all the genius items on Amazon.

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