Sofia Richie's Bob Haircut Was Crafted With Kitchen Scissors

Shaggy, blunt bobs are arguably one of the trendiest cuts of summer 2017, so it's no wonder on-the-rise It Girl Sofia Richie's bob haircut takes inspiration from the stylish chop. What's less expected, though, is how she ended up with her edgy 'do. Celebrity hairstylist and co-creator of IGK Hair Chase Kusero took the plunge with a pair of literal kitchen shears, which pretty much goes against everything we learned from ages four to five. (Sorry again, mom.)

Personal experience and anecdotal evidence tells us that taking kitchen scissors to your strands is a very, very poor choice, but Kusero proved there are absolutely exceptions to the rule with Richie's new look. Granted, this is not a DIY look we're talking about — Kusero's a seasoned pro who's worked with Jared Leto, Ciara, and Paris Hilton in addition to Richie, among others. This isn't his first rodeo, but it can still serve as inspiration for your own bold look.

“Her hair was feeling a bit dry and we were hanging out, getting ready for a friend’s wedding. I told her she would look sick with a strong, short bob,” he shared. “I used kitchen scissors because I wanted the thick, chunky, ‘chopped’ texture they create."

“I think the cut was exactly right for her and is on-trend for summer," Kusero added. And I've got to admit, she definitely rocks it.

Kusero posted a behind-the-scenes video of the cut in action on his Instagram, too. He finished off her piecey style with IGK RICH KID Coconut Oil Gel. (What a name, right?)

Of course, Richie's been showing off the cut in different ways since its formal debut. Half up...

With a hat...

And rocking it with her famous pops Lionel Richie. This hair is living the life.