Solange Wants A Job Naming 'RHOA' Episodes & Here’s Why Bravo Should Give It To Her

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Entertainers are no longer expected to stick to one form of artistry. And Solange looking for a new side gig proves that you can't put her in a box either. The singer inquired about just what it took to be apart of the Real Housewives of Atlanta team in an April 5 tweet, and she meant business. But, it's not what you think. The songstress won't be throwing drinks or arguing with cast mates on a Bravo set anytime soon. Instead, Solange wants a job naming RHOA episodes. And I personally think she'd be just the perfect one to do it.

It's no secret that Solo is a total reality television junkie like the rest of us mere mortals. In fact, she and Beyoncé have both dropped hints that they know a thing or two about the RHOA franchise (cue Bey rocking out to Kenya Moore's "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" back in her DC3 days). Solange, on the other hand, wanted to put on for the culture and add a bit of flair to the very basic, and boring, episode titles. And must I say, I completely agree with Solange that Bravo could use a bit of pizzazz, or dare I say it, "life" to their naming staff. With titles like "Housewife House Wars" and "Baby Nups & Breakups," it sounds like the office is having some severe creative blocks.

Lucky for them, Solo pays close attention to the details. And it actually sounds like she may be serious with her ask. Not only is she a fan of the franchise, but she's, without a doubt, a creative genius. And as if her master piece and Grammy-nominated album A Seat At A Table, short stint as creative director for Puma, or music consultant for HBO's Insecure aren't enough to land her a gig, the artist's most recent public brainstorm should do the trick. A few hours before tweeting about RHOA, Solange asked for a Kanye West and The Wiz mashup, and the brilliantness sent her followers into a frenzy.

She asked for someone to create a video collage of the iconic "Bad News" scene from the 1978 historical flick and Kanye's 808's & Heartbreak track "Bad News," and showed just how much creative genius she truly has. And oh, was it the most perfect thing I've ever seen. So much so, that I wondered how I've been living my entire life without it.

See what I mean? Solange has more than enough artistry to share with the masses. And when she calls you out on your lack thereof, you better listen.