Tweets & Photos Of The Eclipse From NYC


It's finally here: The first solar eclipse visible from north America in 38 years is set to occur on Mon., Aug. 21, and if the lead up has been any indication, it's going to be a doozy. Though New York City isn't in the path of totality (aka, where the eclipse will appear as a "total eclipse"), New Yorkers have been preparing for this solar event for ages — and based on their solar eclipse tweets, photos, and memes from NYC, despite the city not being in the path of totality, the sight was still a pretty amazing one. Sure, we didn't get a total eclipse here, but it's not every day the sky dims enough so that it looks like early evening at 2 p.m. for a few, lingering minutes.

With the moon beginning to chase the sun around 1 p.m. ET in NYC, New Yorkers began sharing their hot takes, hilarious memes, and breathtaking photos on Twitter fairly quickly. You know what they say: New York City never sleeps, especially not during a massive planetary event that only rolls around once every few years and hasn't been this visible to the US in nearly 100 years. That's a saying, right?

Check out the reactions below:

The Scene At The American Natural History Museum

People Are Still Trying To Walk, Here!

Preparing For The Height Of The Eclipse

Safety First!

It Actually Came Out Well

Clouds Got In The Way At One Point

This Is Actually A Great Photo

Some Were Disappointed

Why Not