Swatches Of BECCA’s First Light Priming Filter Show It’s A Must For All Skin Tones — PHOTOS

There's no better way to start the year off than with new beauty products. It's true that 2017 began with some of the coolest beauty launches including Urban Decay's liquid lipsticks and rose-shaped highlighter, but BECCA Cosmetics is taking the lead with its First Light Priming Filter, which just may be one of the top beauty products of 2017.

Thanks to the company's Instagram and website, there are new swatches of the BECCA First Light Priming Filter that prove its going to be perfect for all skin tones. But how can one primer give the beautiful, shimmery light effect for all skin tones from light to dark you ask? This primer's formula is special because it contains light reflecting crystals, which is the ingredient that helps keep your skin looking rejuvenated. Even though the formula is purple, it goes on clear and leaves a luscious shine to highlight your skin.

Fortunately, you can now buy this "skin-awakening primer" on both the BECCA website and Sephora for $38 because fans couldn't wait to try it. Hopefully it will live up to its expectations of being the answer to your "bad face days," as BECCA Cosmetics promises!

Compare the differences in the photos below after the women used the new BECCA primer. The differences are amazing!


So glowy!


Instant shine.


The formula is also oh-so sparkly!

This is definitely going to be a must-try of 2017.

You can get the primer at Sephora or

First Light Priming Filter Face Primer, $38, Sephora

I'm no psychic, but my gut tells me you should act quickly — this miracle product will likely sell out!