Taylor Swift Surprises A World War II Vet & It's A Sweet Holiday Gift

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As evidenced by their social media posts over the weekend, a lot of celebrities are into the holidays, but if you ask me, none more than Taylor Swift. I mean, she did grow up on a Christmas tree farm, guys. And knowing that she has a habit of going above and beyond for those who love her music, it's not surprising at all that she took this year's festivities as an excuse to do something super sweet for one of her biggest fans. On Monday, Swift surprised a World War II vet with a visit and performance in his Missouri home, and the photos that resulted are just as adorable as you'd imagine they'd be.

Earlier this month, the vet — whose name is Cyrus Porter — and his love for the "Wildest Dreams" singer made headlines when he told a local news station how much he enjoyed going to her concerts with his daughters and granddaughters. It didn't take long for his sweet words to get back to Swift, and the day after Christmas, she showed up at his door to serenade him and his family with a private, intimate performance in his living room. Having already been around for 96 years, I'd imagine that Porter has already lived an incredible life, so here's one more thing for him to add to his list.

Yep, I'm officially jealous. But it seems like Swift's surprise went to a very deserving recipient. Since Swift is known for going all out around the holidays — like the time she sent actual Christmas gifts to several of her fans — I had a feeling she wouldn't let 2016 go by without doing something like this, even if she has been playing it pretty low key lately.

Plus, how adorable is this photo of Porter showing off his memories from his time serving in the war? This had to have been an amazing experience for him!

I can't wait to see what's next for Swift in 2017, and hopefully it's a new album and a visit to my living room next. How does anyone not love this girl?!