This Viral Video Of A Robot Dog Opening A Door Has Twitter Convinced It’s Coming For Us All

No, this isn't a sequel to I, Robot, although some might find it equally creepy. Boston Dynamics, a branch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that develops robots that move and behave like animals, is making headlines with a robot dog that can open doors, called SpotMini. They recently posted a video on their YouTube channel that shows SpotMini in action. The first robot approaches a door and pauses, unsure of how to proceed. That's when another SpotMini shows up to save the day, thanks to a long, protruding arm that grabs a hold of the door handle and opens it up. SpotMini demonstrated not only mind-blowing capabilities but impressive etiquette, as it held open the door for the first robot pup — a simple gesture many humans won't even offer. (WHY.)

This is likely promising and exciting news for dogs everywhere, who — for reasons unbeknownst to their humans — love coming into the bathroom while we pee. Doors? No big deal to SpotMini.

But also, can we please talk about how these robots move... as in, nothing like robots? As they trot through the open door, they almost mimic the excitement of a real dog as he realizes he's about to join you while you're sitting on the toilet. See for yourself.

Like it or not, robots are in our future, and they're getting more sophisticated with every passing day — like with how they can teach themselves hand-eye coordination. We're considering relationships with robots and even having sex with them. SpotMini seems harmless enough; but the implications obviously reach far beyond opening doors. Understandably, the robot pup is getting a lot of attention from the interwebs — and by attention, I clearly mean people are either terrified or impressed. Here are some of the funniest reactions.


The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Alan clearly isn't going to sleep well tonight.


The End Is Near

At least you can emotionally prepare yourself for what's to come. Don't most of us want to know how it's going to end?...


A Little Background Music

"Mr. Hammond, after careful consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park." Scary? Maybe. But how about that theme music, huh?


Robot Quadrupeds > Robot Bipeds

Let's be honest: a quadruped destroying the human race makes much more sense.


Saddle Up

People, he's saying what we're all thinking. Remember the mechanical horse you used to ride at the grocery store as a kid? It's like that, but for grown-ups.


Smart But Slow AF

You have plenty of time to escape — unless the robot dog can run fast enough to catch up with you once it's opened the door. Do we know how fast the dog can run?


Human's Very Best Friend

It's a valid point. We could all use a robot dog to bring us some chips and a cold beer when we're feeling on the lazy side. Can they fold laundry, too?


The Dog That Never Dies

Haven't we all wished dogs would never die?! This is the answer to our biggest dreams.


Support [Robot] Dogs

Someone pls create a certification process for emotional support robot dogs immediately if not sooner.


Post-Grocery Laziness

Can these dogs also help bring in groceries? Because that would be superb...


When Your Hands Are Full

Little do we know Boston Dynamics is working on another robot that can do Starbucks pick-ups. NOW WE'RE TALKING.


A Totally Self-Sufficient Canine

Win! It's the lazy person's dog. Imagine never having to pick up poop again. Yes, yes, and more yes.


Relatable AF

We've all been there. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Some of us even open doors and hit ourselves in the face. Not me. But other people. (Me.)


Technical Difficulties

He can handle doors, but can he handle a Bissell?