The $13 Shower Gadget With 17,000 Reviews — & 40 Other Clever Products On Amazon That Save Your Butt Every Day

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I had a mega-crush on TV hero MacGyver when I was little. Fortunately, now I know better: You can rely on your street smarts and these clever Amazon products to save your own butt — because who needs some guy to swoop in and rescue you with a gum wrapper and an accordion?

If you haven't watched MacGyver, you really should.

For instance, check out this coffee that comes to the rescue when you have a really big day on tap, like an important interview or a huge test. It's chock-full of brain-boosting ingredients that will really put some pep in your step, no matter the challenges that lie ahead. And once you get to that big meeting or important class, don't worry about losing your notes — you'll have this reusable notebook that also sends your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any number of other apps so you'll never have to worry about misplacing your papers again.

Basically, these are the kinds of products I love — they'll swoop in and work for you, precisely when you need them to. Or they fix problems you never you'd solve. So whatever kind of product you're looking for — with this list, you can consider your heinie officially saved.

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