These Air Purifiers Break The Mold — By Eliminating It From Your Living Space

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A little background to start: Mold is a type of fungi that, when present in high numbers in a home, can affect your health negatively and even cause you to cough and wheeze. Luckily, a simple air purifier can help eliminate these harmful particles. The best air purifiers for mold typically have a few essential components:

  1. A carbon filter and HEPA filter to trap and slowly kill off the mold particles in a dry environment.
  2. A UV light built into their design. The UV light powerfully kills any mold and mildew particles that evade the filters.

Beyond their construction, you'll want an air purifier that can adequately tackle the size of the room where mold is an issue. For rooms up to 500 feet, you likely won't find a better value than the SilverOnyx air purifier, which can eliminate mold from large spaces and be adjusted to one of five speeds and noise levels. However, for smaller-sized spaces, you may want to consider the PureZone 3-in-1, which addresses rooms up to 200 square feet and only costs $100.

But, regardless of your budget and your needs, you'll find a great air purifier below. Read on for an in-depth look at the best air purifiers for mold money can buy.


Best For Large Rooms

Best For: Large rooms up to 500 square feet.

Not only does the SilverOnyx air purifier contain a HEPA H13, active carbon filter, and UV light, it also maximizes its room-cleaning capabilities with a pre-filter and an ionizer as well. And although many air purifiers for large rooms are often big enough to double as side tables, this model is effective for rooms up to 500 square feet while still being small enough in size to fit on a table. Plus, it has five speeds, ranging from a whisper-quiet 25 decibels on the lowest fan speed to 56 decibels on the highest, and multiple modes with a timer and automatic shutoff. So if you need an air purifier to tackle a household mold problem, the plethora of features this $139 product offers and its 4.3-star average review on Amazon make it one of the best deals around.

Glowing Review: "I found this product amazing. Highly recommend it if you suffer from allergies or might suspect mold and mildew. Within the first hour I noticed a huge difference. And I’ve had it for a few weeks and can honesty say I have way way less dust in the house. Almost nothing . The sound at its lowest level is pretty much unnoticeable and at its highest it’s the noise level of a box fan which I actually love as I crank it up all the way when I sleep because I actually like the white noise ."


Best For Medium-Sized Rooms

Best For: Medium-sized rooms up to 200 square feet.

Priced at just $100, this PureZone 3-in-1 air purifier might be the best option for cleaning moldy air in medium-sized rooms. Not only does it have a true HEPA filter, pre-filter, and an activated carbon filter, it also contains a UV-C light mode that is ideal for eliminating mold and other micro-organisms from the air. If you're sensitive to loud sounds, you will appreciate that this machine only produces about 30 decibels of noise on low (which experts rate as equivalent to "the average whisper"), making it a great air purifier to use in bedrooms, living rooms, or other spaces up to 200 square feet. It also is equipped with three speeds and three timer settings and boasts an impeccable 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

Glowing Review: "I live in an old house and have mold issues. I needed an air purifier that had all the features this one had without breaking the bank. This one is quieter than my other ones and the filter can be cleaned instead of having to replace it. I put it in my bedroom and it started smelling better almost immediately. I was really surprised at how efficient it worked and how easy it was to set up. Thank you for making an air purifier that doesn’t cost a fortune. The customer service for their product is outstanding. They contacted me right away to ask me how I liked it. I would recommend it for anyone dealing with mold issues in their home."


Best For Small Rooms

Best For: Small rooms up to 100 square feet.

At only 11-inches tall, this desktop air purifier is one of the smallest air purifiers you can find that still features a HEPA and charcoal filter, plus an optional UV light. It can run at three different speeds, with the lowest speed running at an "ultra-quiet" noise level. Be warned: Due to its smaller size, this air purifier will only work in spaces up to 100 square feet. But, Amazon reviewers have given it a four-star rating thanks to its compact design and affordable price.

Glowing Review: "Helped immensely with my asthma/allergies in both a mold-infested apartment and a home that had previously been inhabited by a dog (which I'm allergic to). Quiet, compact, and gets the job done in a small-to-medium-sized bedroom or living area. Well worth the money!"

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