These Air Purifiers Are The Best At Removing Smoke (& The Smell Of Smoke) From Your Home


Smoke, whether caused by cigarettes, cooking, or wildfires, is among the worst air pollutants you can have in your home. For example, tobacco smoke has been tied to an increase in allergies and other respiratory diseases, and regardless of the smoke's source, the scent can travel through rooms and walls to fill your entire space. Luckily, the best air purifiers for smoke can help effectively filter out smoke particles and other matter from the air in your home as well as reduce the accompanying unpleasant odor.

Not all air purifiers are built the same, however. Some highly-rated models are better at removing pet dander and other airborne allergens, but don't succeed as well at removing smoke. So if you’re specifically trying to eliminate smoke from your home, you’ll want to look for one that ideally has multiple filters that can trap different size particles, including the microscopic ones that make up the smell of smoke.

In my search for the best one, I repeatedly found one model mentioned: Blueair's Blue Pure 211+ air purifier. In fact, when tested by Consumer Reports, it received top marks for its ability to eliminate smoke particles from the air.

But, you'll find a variety of top performers that can get the job done, at varying price points, sizes, and noise levels. With that in mind, keep scrolling to find the best air purifiers for smoke below.

The Overall Best, All Things Considered

The Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier won Consumer Report's top-rating for smoke removal, and with good reason. When tested in a hollow chamber, this air purifier removed smoke and dust faster and more efficiently than any other model, garnering it an overall score of 89 out of 100.

This model has a three-part filtration system, including an activated carbon filter and washable pre-filter, that allows it to excel at removing smoke, as well as dust and pollen, from large spaces. With three speeds to choose from, this Energy Star-rated air purifier can be used on a tabletop or the floor and is also portable so you can move it from room to room. Plus, its modern and sleek design makes it look more like an Apple product than your typical clunky household appliance.

A few things to note? During testing, this purifier was relatively noisy even at its lowest speed. And, upkeep for this model can be a bit steeper than other options on this list: Replacing the filters every six months can add up to an additional $171 a year, which is nearly as much as the original purchase price. Still, if you want an air purifier than can turn a smoky room into a fresh-smelling, breathable space, this is the absolute best one to buy.

The Best Air Purifer Under $100

Although finding an affordable but well-rated air purifier can seem impossible, you shouldn't necessarily resign yourself to blowing your budget for better air quality. This Febreze tower air purifier was rated "better than most" other air purifiers by Consumer Reports for filtering out irritants like smoke, dust, and pollen, and costs less than $100.

Designed for medium-sized rooms, this Energy Star-rated appliance has three speeds and emits an average amount of noise compared to other models. However, what makes it unique are the two Febreeze scent cartridges that it comes with to help perfume the air while the machine works to eliminate smoke particles. Unlike other air purifiers that require you to buy pricey replacement filters, the Febreeze's filters only cost $89 annually.

However, it should be pointed out that this machine uses a "HEPA-type" filter, in addition to an integrated pre-filter, so its performance is not standardized in the same way a true HEPA filter is.

The Smallest Air Purifier

For a small-sized air purifier that you can take with you when you travel or sit discreetly on a desk at the office, this hOmeLabs 3-in-1 ionic air purifier is the one to buy. Despite its small, 8-inch size, it can effectively clean up to 50 square feet of space. It also boasts two speeds as well as a three-stage purification process with both HEPA and activated carbon filters that can reduce airborne pollutants including smoke and bad smells. As a bonus, it's also said to be very quiet, making it a great choice if you want to leave it on while you sleep. And although it hasn't been tested professionally, this product has received a big thumbs-up from Amazon shoppers with an average 4.2-star rating.

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