The 3 Best Foot Callus Remover Creams


I love being barefoot (yes, even outside), but I don't love the rough, cracked heels that often accompany that habit. That said, I'll usually opt for the best foot callus remover creams before I'll opt for a pair of shoes.

All this begs one question: Why are calluses so hard to get rid of? Basically, in order to protect areas that experience consistent pressure, the body grows extra layers of tougher skin to act as a barrier. That can be a good thing, but it can also cause painful cracks and unwanted roughness. Because callused skin is thicker, it's less absorbent, meaning average lotions will have a hard time penetrating and softening the area. Luckily, the internet is filled solutions like callus remover tools, foot peeling masks, and moisturizers for dry feet to help remove any unwanted layers.

Here, I've rounded up the best callus remover creams that are basically all the aforementioned products rolled into one easy-to-apply lotion. Featuring a variety of ingredients and price points, these creams heal and soften hardened foot skin, but don't just take my word for it. Amazon reviewers, who have tried them out in real life, can't stop raving about the great results.

1. Best Foot Callus Remover Cream With More Than 2,000 Reviews On Amazon

Pros: PurSources foot cream utilizes an effective ingredient, urea, to reduce itching and deeply penetrate dry, cracked heels. This cream also soothes with chamomile extract, hydrates with safflower seed oil, and heals with aloe. The result? More than 2,000 reviewers have given this one a 4.6-star rating, which speaks volumes to its effectiveness. Just apply it twice a day for about a week, and watch as the calluses soften (and sometimes even start to peel off on their own). For extra manual exfoliation, this one also comes with a free pumice stone.

Cons: Some people report that it leaves a white residue on the bottom of the feet.

What reviewers say: "It's not magic, but pure science (the urea breaks down the keratin in the callus formations that cause the roughness, and those eventually can crack). For the price, no one should ignore the problems that this product can easily abate. Go for it!"

2. A Best-Selling Foot Cream That Comes With A Two-Pack Of Heel Socks

Pros: O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream has been nominated for awards, and now Healthy Feet is here to provide the same deep-healing relief for the rest of your appendages. This cream is unique because it doesn't just hydrate — it also locks in the moisture and protects against further damage. People love it because it's hypoallergenic, odorless, and not greasy. This set comes with two pairs of gel-infused heel socks, so you can further repair cracked feet while you sleep.

Cons: Though they're relatively stretchy, the socks only come in one size and likely won't fit larger feet. Also, be careful getting up in the middle of the night; the gel can be slippery, according to some reviews.

What reviewers say: "It sweats your heel and keeps it moist as long as you are wearing the socks. The effect is as if you were soaking your feet in oily water for hours — it softens the callus and allows you to remove it easier. My heels were painfully cracked and they feel much better after two days of wearing the socks. This is one purchase I will not regret."

3. A Natural Cream That's Paraben-Free & Packed With Essential Oils

Pros: For those with especially sensitive skin, natural ingredients are typically the way to go. Thankfully, when it comes to The Yellow Bird foot cream, every single ingredient on the label is pronounceable and recognizable. Using coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax, this therapeutic moisturizer soothes cracked skin and encourages new growth. And thanks to the tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, it also tackles odors and fungus. Apparently, it smells amazing, too.

Cons: Because of the various natural oils, this one can be a bit greasy. Buyers recommend putting on a pair of socks after application to keep it from getting on your sheets.

What reviewers say: "This really helps with dry places and calluses on your feet if you put it on, then sleep in socks. The anti-fungal part is a big plus, as it can be a factor in foot issues. Plus, paraben-free is [important] to me."

Also Great To Pair With Creams: A Heavy-Duty Exfoliant

Pros: Most creams take a few days to penetrate and soften the tough skin that's built-up on the bottoms of your feet. ProLinc callus eliminator, however, is more like an exfoliant. Instead of softening (and attempting to transform) the dead skin, this stuff causes it to break down and peel away in three to five minutes. After letting your feet soak, rub away the calluses with a pumice stone or file, and voilà — the dead skin is gone, leaving just the soft layer underneath.

Cons: Those with sensitive or broken skin shouldn't use this one. It can also be very drying, so be sure to moisturize after soaking treatments.

What reviewers say: "My feet have always formed a thick callus over the entire heel and been prone to cracking. This cleared up most of the problem within a few uses. Continued use should keep my feet much more comfortable."

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