The 3 Best Sandals For Bunions


It's a good idea to be strategic about the type of sandals you wear when you have a bunion. Dr. Sophia Solomon, a foot and ankle surgeon at Manhattan Specialty Care, recommends that when shopping for the best sandals for bunions, you look for sandals with ample cushioning and an arch contour that matches your feet. Choosing ones that are roomy and supportive can make a big difference in your overall comfort. Certain types of sandals, like thin rubber flip-flops, are especially terrible for your feet because they offer little support and the toe straps require you to over-grip with your toes to keep them in place.

Dr. Solomon tells Bustle, "The thick sole is for shock absorption while the arch contour will prevent probation and worsening of the bunion." In addition, you'll want to make sure that the sandals have secure straps that won't rub up against or irritate your bunion.

She adds, "It is important that the straps on the sandal prevent your foot from sliding around, something that can lead to a twisted ankle. Also, avoid sandals with straps that go directly over your bunion bump."

I've perused the options and gathered up some sandals that meet Dr. Solomon's recommendations. Gathered below are some of the best sandals for bunions you can buy.