The 4 Best Sports Deodorant


Plain and simple: Everyday deodorants aren't always strong enough for an intense sweat session. That's why you may want to keep one of the best sports deodorants stashed away in your gym bag, particularly when you have a big workout planned. But, what makes for a great deodorant for athletes?

Keep in mind, some deodorants use “sport” on the packaging to describe the product’s fragrance, rather than to indicate how effective it will be during workouts. So the main thing to look for when deciding on an antiperspirant deodorant for sports activities is the amount of aluminum in the formula.

Now, something to note going in. Because aluminum blocks excessive sweat from leaving your pores during a workout, there are some health concerns around aluminum deodorants that have yet to be substantiated. That being said, it's still the leading ingredient for protecting not only against sweat, but also against body odor when working out.

That's why, in my hunt for the best sports deodorants, I continuously found that the best ones feature a greater percentage of aluminum in their formulas. So, while the average amount of aluminum in deodorants is around 18.2 percent for men and 15.2 percent for women, the sports deodorants below feature at least 20 percent aluminum for extra protection.

Keep scrolling. The best sports deodorants are gathered up below, and will keep you smelling fresh no matter how hard you exercise.

1. Best Overall, All Things Considered

This Secret clinical strength deodorant features a formula with 20 percent concentrate of aluminum to provide up to 48 hours of protection. It comes in three scents, sports fresh, soft solid, and clean lavender, which reviewers say smell light, and won't overwhelm. While a bit pricier than your average deodorant, its strong formula won't irritate your skin, as some other prescription-strength deodorants are prone to do. One fan says, "Whether it's exercise, work, outdoor activities or life, you can rely on this deodorant to hold up and protect you."

2. Best Gel

The fast-drying gel formula in Mitchum's gel deodorant contains 25 percent aluminum for strong protection, and won't leave any white residue on your clothes. Although this product is labeled as “sport” and “for men,” the biggest difference between this deodorant and Mitchum's power gel version for women is a variation on fragrance ingredients. So if you're more inclined to prefer a lighter scent, then opt for the near-identical power gel for women, which has a less musky scent, but only 20-percent aluminum (compared to the 25 percent above). $17 buys you a pack of six sticks, which also makes this one of the more affordable sports deodorants on this list. One fan praises the formula, saying, "This is good stuff. I don't sweat wearing it, period."

3. Best Spray

This Right Guard antiperspirant deodorant has a 20 percent aluminum formula, and is specifically designed for active people looking for lasting protection from odor and wetness. Available in an aerosol spray, this deodorant has added anti-stain properties that will keep you dry, clean, and keep your clothes free of any white marks or sweat stains. Reviewers say it has a fresh scent and dries on contact, making it easy to quickly apply and go. Best of all, it's eco-friendly: It's free of ozone-degrading CFCs and meets all of the EPA Clean Air Standards.

4. Best Aluminum-Free

If you've done your research and are convinced aluminum isn't for you, then this Herbal natural sport deodorant is your best bet. It's free of aluminum and alcohol, and reviewers on Amazon have praised the long-lasting nature and effectiveness of this product. Its main active ingredients are tea tree oil and liben, which help naturally reduce bacteria-producing odor without using harsh chemicals or artificial bactericides. That being said, it boasts just 24 hours of protection, which is just half as long as the above aluminum formulas.

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